Speak up before possible paving of Runyon Canyon’s lower lot

Andrew from Here In Van Nuys at Runyon Canyon (used under Creative Commons).

Tomorrow is the last scheduled public hearing before City Council’s December 12th vote on whether or not to pave a portion of Runyon Canyon into a parking lot. (announcement after the jump)

I’m a bit torn on this issue. The lower lot of Runyon is used frequently for free yoga classes, and as a chunk is fenced in, to let some dogs run around a bit. It also stinks of dog poo as a result of negligent pet owners who abuse the lax enforcement of the non-off leash areas of the park and look the other way when their canines run away from them to leave a landmine.

On the other hand, visitors regularly have to circle the neighborhood in search of parking, snarling traffic a bit. Surprisingly, residents adjacent to the park are the most vocal against building the parking lot, citing worries of a parking lot attracting even more visitors and the enviornmental impact (although the emissions spewed by the circling cars may cause even greater long term damage).

I’d love to hear what any readers familiar with Runyon Park think of the plan.

Runyon Canyon Park Parking Area Project – upcoming City Council hearings

The City Council’s Arts, Parks, Health and Aging Committee will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, December 5, 2007 in City Hall’s room 1010 at 2pm or soon thereafter to consider a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) appeal filed by Randy Dodge and The New Friends of Runyon Canyon. It’s an appeal from the Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners’ approval of a mitigated negative declaration for the proposed Runyon Canyon Park parking area project, which would be at the southern end of Runyon Canyon Park. It’s Case No. E1904613.

The full Los Angeles City Council also will consider this CEQA appeal on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 at approximately 10 am or soon thereafter in City Hall’s room 340, which is the John Ferraro Council Chamber.

If you are unable to appear at these meetings, you may submit your comments in writing to the City Council, Attn: Arts, Parks, Health and Aging Committee at Los Angeles’ City Hall, Room 395, 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

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7 thoughts on “Speak up before possible paving of Runyon Canyon’s lower lot”

  1. The lax law enforcement up there causes a lot of problems besides the doggy landmines from what I have heard.

    Parking is everyones bane. Parking is never enough, but setting up a specific paved area is a start. My request is that there be ample handicapped spaces as those folks always get screwed at the parks. My guess is that if it isn’t paved now there is a lot of abuse of where and how people are parking.

    The best guess is that somewhere between a lot of spaces and just enough to keep the area residents from being bugged with park goers should be the answer. But reason doesn’t always work with homeowners and parks…they want it to themselves only.

  2. Anything that squelches the ability to view hot grrls doing yoga out in the open is very very bad. Jeez who comes up with these ideas???

  3. Parking’s not that bad if you are willing to walk a few blocks (and considering you’re probably there to exercise, that shouldn’t be a problem). No more parking lots! People in LA need to learn to change their habits…

  4. Someone asking me to sign a petition against the lot, showed me a rendering one day when I was there and it didn’t look that bad.

    They even relocated the yoga spot.

    I don’t mind walking a couple blocks to get there, but I also think it might help the local residents to open up more spots in front of their buildings.

    And how many handicap spots should a lot for a big hill have? They’ll just wind up being filled by d-bags who bribe their doctor buddies for handicapped plates when they have no need for them, anyway.

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