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As you know, all of us Angelites are uber-liberal green do-gooders. Except me. I’m getting there, but am not very green yet. Pale sage maybe. I still drive a gasoline powered vehicle (though I work at home), I fly a lot for work and life (flying is like a big carpool, right?) and there is no compost heap in the backyard (leaves that need raking don’t count). But, I have been using my own bags at the grocery and other stores. And now we are repainting some rooms in our house and we decided on eco-friendly paint.

Culver City has an excellent store for many things green and it is called Livingreen, funnily enough. We went to find eco-friendly paint (and we needed it to actually be green) and they had many brands and tons of colors to choose from and all non-VOC. (From their site: VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are unhealthy or toxic airborne particles off-gassed by many conventional materials, including paints and sealing finishes. The lower the VOC content, the healthier the product.) And let me tell you, painting without that strong smell makes a huge difference.

Livinggreen has many products, not just paint. Furniture, bedding, books, cleaning products, flooring and tile options (did you know linoleum is a green product?). And the staff are smart and nice and bend over backwards to help. We have many more rooms to paint, so we’ll be going back. I get a little greener every day.

10000 Culver Boulevard
Culver City
Tel: (310) 838-8442

6 thoughts on “Living Green”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this, Julia.

    I’ve used Benjamin Moore Eco-Spec before, and even though it alleges to be “green”, I think it’s a total scam. And crap quality to boot.

    People might consider checking out for similar stuff as well. I’ve pestered them to sell to retailers here in LA and they haven’t taken the bait yet.

  2. Just remember to bring your checkbook and get some holier-than-thou attitude. Though it sounds like you had a better time with them than I did. I don’t know what happened in the last year, but that place…man, the people who worked there used to be so incredibly nice and laid back. Then bam! Some of the same people, but they got all up on themselves. Must be all the magazine articles. They lost a $5K sale from me earlier this year because of that. I will say that they were much nicer to my husband. I walked in and they ignored me. My husband came in 3 min. later and the lady that was hovering around me (though not talking to me) went right up to him, “Is there anything I can help you with, sir?”

  3. Fabooj,

    You know I also had the exact same experience at that store, with my boyfriend. I felt as if I was air pollution. I’m not trying to start anything, but what do you suspect the reason they were nice to your husband, but not you? Hey this happens to me alot, my boyfriend and I will go to the same store, and he gets treated WAY better than me.

    Do you think it’s because we’re women? Do other women get treated badly when they go in the store with their boyfriends? Possibly it’s sexism? What do you think it is Fabooj.


  4. @Browne: That does happen to me a lot, especially in design stores and in “hipsterville” type places. In those cases, I think it’s more race based. With Livinggreen, I can’t say that it’s raced based because they had been nice to me before, though not that particular person.

    The design shops on Melrose and any store in West Hollywood, Silver Lake or Los Feliz are like that. I’ll be ignored completely and my husband is gushed over when he enters after me, which is 95% of the time. When he says, “Talk to her.”, then it’s the look of shock/dismay, then they usually try to overcompensate. When he said that to the lady at LG, she said something like, “Oh, I’ll be with you in a minute then.” and went to talk on the phone and to the other worker guy there. Then she went to a white couple who just came in. She never came back to us and they lost the sale.

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