Is L.A. Ready For Some Football?

You have the Trojans. But the BCS has made a mockery of college football.

You have the Bruins. But UCLA has made a mockery of college football.

You had the Raiders. But, Al Davis has made a mockery of himself.

In a year where teams like Missouri, Kansas and South Florida cracked the Top 5, and the New England Patriots find new ways to make you hate them, it’s tough to be true to the game. You need something new.

You need the United Football League, brought to you by Mark Cuban. Professional football comes to Los Angeles in the Fall of 2008. Friday Night Lights. A team to call your own.

Athletes who are too old for college, and almost good enough to play in the pros.

We don’t know what our team will be called. Or where they’ll play. Or who they’ll play. The new league is leaving it up to the fans to vote on which cities will get a team.

The UFL is targeting major U.S. markets currently underserved in professional football: Austin, Birmingham, Columbus, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Raleigh, Sacramento and San Antonio. In addition, the UFL is looking at international cities Mexico City and London.

Is this the next XFL? USFL? A few UFL “fan sites” are speculating that the league will let fans decide what to call their teams. Do you have any suggestions?

By the way… where are those 2 NFL teams Arnold promised us?

One thought on “Is L.A. Ready For Some Football?”

  1. Maybe it’s because I was too young to know better but I remember the USFL as being pretty good, despite being cash strapped. As for the UFL, I love football but I’m at my football max with games on four days a week.

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