Where Would Cube Shop?

There are 22 shopping days left until Christmas.

I’m a guy. So, naturally, I haven’t purchased a damned thing. Not one. No present, no stocking-stuffer, no tree. I don’t even have any lights up yet, except for the string of red still hanging in the living room from Christmas 2006.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’ll wait until the last minute to buy all of your gifts, too. The question is, where will you go?

Los Angeles is full of places to shop. But if you had to pick one spot in town to hit everyone on your list, what would it be?

You have to buy presents for:

1. Your Moms
2. Your Pops
3. Your Brutha
4. Your Grams
5. Your Shorty
6. Your Crew

4 thoughts on “Where Would Cube Shop?”

  1. If you like different and funky grouped together,
    Magnolia Ave in Burbank is fun. Old Town Monrovia is another though a bit more limited. Claremont had a bunch of interesting shops and you can get there by Metrolink. I can’t swear how much or how good Claremont is as my first visit was looking at other stuff.

    I at all costs avoid the malls. The closest I come to one is the free standing Old Navy.

  2. How about China Town/Olivera St? You can get your girl a fake gucci bag, shop at the galleries and gift shops in china town for the family

  3. Shopping out in public? Where the people are? Ew. My favorite place to shop for anyone is from where I’m sitting right now. I have a theory that no matter what I want to buy someone, I can find it cheaper online and with free shipping.

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