UPDATE: L.A. Food Bank Donations

As reported earlier, many food banks in Los Angeles are running dangerously low on food stores, and depleted budgets are making it next to impossible to provide needed items for hungry families in our community.

One such food bank is SOVA, in Van Nuys. I asked SOVA’s director, Leslie Friedman, how we could help.

Our greatest need is for financial support to help purchase the food we are not able to get from other sources. Every gift matters and every gift is welcome and also tax deductible.

We accept Mastercard and Visa and also checks made out to SOVA. Donations can be made by mail, to the address below; via email to [email protected]; or by phone 818-988-7682.

If people prefer to donate food, our greatest need is for foods high in protein: tuna, peanut butter, canned chili, beef stew and powdered milk. Food donors can call our office to arrange for drop-off or, if large quantities, for pick up.

Thanks VERY much for your help. We need it and welcome it.

Leslie Friedman, Director
SOVA Community Food & Resource Program
Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles

It’s funny, sometimes one of the biggest cities in the world doesn’t seem so big after all. No matter how far we’re separated by distance, we’re still neighbors.

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  1. I like you Jason Burns…man of action. Nice follow up. Are you sitting at the ‘puter nonstop today or something?

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I was going to blog on all the foodbank emails I keep getting and SOVA is one of them. I’ve been spamming my friends with this, so hopefully everyone will get help.

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