Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful HOT!

Seriously, 82 tomorrow in LA? Did Los Angeles get moved to Australia? The memo must have gotten stuck in my spam filter. Seriously, WTF. It’s December 3.

I blame Al Gore and his Global Warming.

10 thoughts on “Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful HOT!”

  1. Please, oh please let it be 82 degrees tomorrow and forever, day and night. I’m so sick and tired of the cold evenings. My gas bill is outrageous!

  2. Would you rather have the blizzards of the east? No thanks, I’ll take this weather anyday.

    As for Kyoto, that agreement requires exceptional burdens on the U.S. relative to the developing world, countries like China and India, as well as Eastern Europe and Russia, which pollute with coal and have made virtually no efforts to clean up their air. These countries are exempted until Kyoto until they achieve the level of economic development of the First World — that’s insane, to let them keep polluting until then, putting us at a huge economic disadvantage in the process.

    We in California already have the toughest regs anywhere, which is good for us, and let’s keep on innovating and being a model. But not signing off on letting those huge economically developing, billion-population countries get off the hook too.

    Liberals CAN be really stupid sometimes: agreeing with our administration actually makes sense once in a while.

  3. Jill is right we are the innovators in terms of moving forward and showing you can be environmentally proactive and still grow your economy. The Kyoto agreement is flawed in terms of not putting the same controls on everyone. We do however need to get our own policy in line with further emission reductions to at least do a fair share on a national basis.

    It makes absolutely no sense to me that we make great strides to clean up the air in LA only to make it dirtier in AZ and wherever else we have coal burning plants fouling them. Transferring CO2 emissions is just goofy shit. Reduce it period. Got that Al…I don’t give a tinkers damn if you drive a Prius while having a fleet of big emitters else where. Reduce and don’t pretend you are green just because you bought one car that is better than the rest.

    As far as today goes. It’s December. I’m going to the Beach. I’m going to take pictures and send it to my relatives on the Iron Range and go neeener neener neener. While they are digging out from under deep snow, cold and preparing for another 5-6 months of that crap I get to play at the beach.

    Today’s warm spell has got nothing to do with global warming, it has everything to do with our normal Mediterranean climate patterns which include the drying and warming of the offshore winds. I’ll take it. My toes are cold enough after the last few days.

  4. Who said anything about wanting blizzards?! I would just like a little less summer weather when it is late fall/early winter, that’s all.

  5. Well Julia I’ll take the warm days with the all day rains too. We got one of those coming Saturday so it should be nice. Also…if it holds try that will be a snowy storm in the local mountains and we can go do that too.

    I just like annoying my relatives this time of year with our great weather as the perfect counter point to their constant “why do you live in LA” stuff.

  6. Um, I know you LA people don’t care to pay attention to the world east of Palm Springs or north of Santa Clarita, but you are aware that much of the rest of the country is cold and either flooding or snowbound? (For that matter, you are aware that low-80s temps with Santa Anas aren’t really that unseasonable?)

  7. Hey Nick, thanks for continuing the grand LA LA Land stereotyping tradition! I have friends who live in Minneapolis and others who live in Seattle and they all complain about their weather, why can’t I?

    Have a lovely sunny day!

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