Tapioca Pudding


Aside from the awesome Home Wine, Beer, and Cheesemaking Shop in Woodland Hills, I don’t usually have much reason to go out to the valley. Thus my opportunities to taste the seemingly endless food options in that neck of the woods have been very limited. But I think I’ve found another reason to make the trek out there: Brent’s Tapioca Pudding.


I don’t understand the fascination with cakes, pies, deserts, and the other sweets that seem to be so common nowadays; sure they taste good, but wouldn’t you rather be eating something spicy and savory? I know I would. But lately I’ve been haunted by the lingering memory of this goddamn spoonful of tapioca pudding I tasted as an afterthought, on the suggestion of someone that claimed it’s the best one in LA. The best tapioca pudding? That’s like claiming some restaurant has the best white bread toast. But then I had a taste..oh fuck!


It’d be a waste to drive out here and not eat a proper meal, so I had the the “ultimate omelette” which includes avocado, onions, mushrooms, and muenster cheese. Plus home fries, sour cream, and a bagel with cream cheese. This should be a plate for two. Very much in the “super-sized portions equals goodness” camp. Please excuse the fact that I started eating without taking a pic first.


Yes, everyone enjoyed their meal, it was all very good, but now we get to the main reason I still think about this mini-mall deli, the damn tapioca pudding. The menu says its “made fresh daily” and since I know nothing about making pudding, I have no reason to doubt them. What I do know is that this bowl of tapioca, suitable to be shared amongst four friends, is packed with such a wallop of simply satisfying creamy flavors that it’s hard to imagine why this desert has been mostly ignored. This time around the bowl was cold, as if it had just been taken out of the ice chest, which dulled the flavor a bit. I suggest you get yours early and let it warm up, but it was still a delicious conclusion to our meal.

Maybe there’s a better tapioca out there, feel free to make your suggestions. But as far as I know, Brent’s has the best tapioca pudding around.

Brent’s Deli
19565 Parthenia St.
Between Winnetka and Tampa

8 thoughts on “Tapioca Pudding”

  1. Shhh! Brent’s is one of the Valley’s best-kept secrets — a deli so good that folks from other neighborhoods drive out to Northridge (even though they live close to the better-known Valley delis).

    Wait ’til you try their Chanukah latkes.

  2. Hahahaha…EL CHAVO! in MY neck of the woods? Who’da thunk it?

    Brent’s is, IMHO, LA’s best deli. Their buckwheat pancakes are so big you could sleep in them…but soooo tasty…

  3. I’m with Lucinda Michele on this one. Their strawberry waffles are to die for and their blackened pastrami. Mama mia! And if you are with a couple of cohorts, split a fish platter. So damn delish. El Chavo, if you come out to Brents on a weekday, email me. I work right up the road. I’ll meet you for tapioca.

  4. Brent’s isn’t just some mini-mall deli. It is THE deli for the entire san fernando valley.
    You don’t mess with greatness.

    And if you want another reason to head out to the valley…might I suggest “Las Fuentes” in Reseda?

  5. Cela,
    That’s funny cuz the person that introduced me to Brent’s also said Las Fuentes was one of the best Mexican food places around, and he’s an old timer from East LA.

    Will do! Tapioca and a glass of water on me! ;)

  6. Chavo..he’s right about Las Fuentes. I’ve been going there for 19 years. I’m such a regular I don’t even have to give my name when I call in my order. I definitely suggest you try it out. Try going there on “off” hours as the place is pretty much packed. It also has an amazing story…starting out as a roach coach in the early 80’s…the family now owns 3 restaurants (Melody’s and Sol y Luna are the other two)…all distinctly different and all fabulously delicious.

  7. Chavo, don’t forget about Dan’s Super Subs right down the road from HWBC!

    Damn I could use a sub like that right now. Sadly, my area is sub deficient.

    And yesterday’s weather report from the Falcons brewday and meeting: cold with just enough beer to keep warm.

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