Melted Clocks, Meat Sauce and Mashups

Here are the awesome things I did yesterday:

1) I went to see the Dali exhibit at LACMA with a friend. I know nothing about art, but I did love seeing how Dali fit into all the American cultural trends of the mid-20th century. I had no idea he had spent so much time in Los Angeles, or that he had collaborated with Disney, or that he was good friends with Jack Warner. Or that he had had so much influence on the film industry. L.A. has a lot more ties to Salvador Dali than I would have ever thought. Also, he had an awesome mustache.

2) I went to Andre’s for the first time. I had no idea there was a decent restaurant tucked away in that 80% ghetto, 20% Whole Foods complex across from the Grove. I attempted to finish a “small” plate of spaghetti with their fabulous meat sauce, and failed. Then we went outside to watch Grove shoppers’ cars being towed out of the lot (I bet the kickbacks from the towing company alone pay for the “security” who call the tow truck company.)

3) I went to BOOTIE! I went to see Heathervescent perform as part of the hour-long live performance A+D show. Mashups are awesome enough on their own, but as part of a live goth cheerleader performance, or as Mashup Guitar Hero, they are MORE awesome. As a reminder, Bootie is the first Saturday of every month, and while they are still at Safari Sams, they are moving back to the Echo soon. Check website for details.

Can I just say that Saturday was really awesome? Of course, today I am at home, printing and assembling what feels like thousands of wedding invitations (tree-free & post consumer recycled, from InviteSite in Pasadena). Slightly less fun. And with no melty clocks to speak of.