Local news took a break from STORMWATCH!!1 last night to remind me that today is the big UCLA vs. USC football game.

On paper, it looks like USC will make UCLA its bitch, and will likely want to do that after the Bruins gave them their only loss last year, but with the Rose Bowl on the line for both teams, it’s going to be much more than a bragging rights game today.

I don’t have a particular allegiance to either team (and I’m not a huge fan of college sports in general) but it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement today, especially when I go outside and see my suburban neighborhood filled with flags and banners declaring each house’s favored team.

I counted them on my walk this morning, and decided that I’d go against all my neighbors and pull for UCLA. Ha! Suck it, University of Spoiled Children! Woo!

If you’re watching, who are you cheering for today?

3 thoughts on “UCLA vs. USC”

  1. I know it’s after the game and all, but I can definitely still give a FIGHT ON! considering I’m a current Trojan student.

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