Chaos in College Football

Los Angeles, we have a problem.

#1-ranked Missouri and #2-ranked West Virginia have been defeated. Speculation is that LSU will play Ohio State for the national title.

Why not USC? Why not Virginia Tech? Why not Oklahoma?

ESPN’s Jesse Palmer commented that the Rose Bowl’s Pac-10/Big Ten tie-in may be the last hurdle to a college football playoff system.

Current BCS Standings before the shit hit the fan:

1. Missouri 11-1
2. West Virginia 10-1
3. Ohio State 11-1
4. Georgia 10-2
5. Kansas 11-1
6. Virginia Tech 10-2
7. LSU 10-2
8. USC 9-2
9. Oklahoma 10-2
10. Florida 9-3

My advice to you, is to start drinking heavily.

3 thoughts on “Chaos in College Football”

  1. And then there is Hawaii — undefeated. Yes, I know they are in a “less competitive” conference, but with that kind of record, don’t they deserve some kind of wild card or something?

  2. I just won tickets to the Rose Bowl from my city council person (I live in Pasadena). Actually, I won the opportunity to buy tickets at face value. One of these days, I’ll know who’ll be playing…

  3. duh. good think my son sent me a text msg. my lame excuse is that i’ve been up in portland watching davis cup tennis all weekend.

    but point taken re: playoff system

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