Route Map & Road Info for Half Marathon

Thanks, LA Map Nerd!!!

In case you didn’t want to follow links and download, here’s the map of the road closures for Sunday.

Yes, it’s sideways!

I have NEVER seen a map with North pointing left – just one more way this whole event is cock-eyed.

Click to see it large enough I hope to read it.


Actual road closures and times after the jump!!!

Street Closures are as follows:

12:01 AM to 11:00 AM – Hill St bet 1st St and Temple St

7:30 AM to 8:00 AM – Grand Ave bet 3rd St and 1st St

7:30 AM to 8:40 AM – Western Heritage Way from Zoo Dr to Crystal Springs Dr; Crystal Springs Dr (Round-Trip) from Western Heritage Way to Griffith Park Dr. and return to Crystal Springs Dr; Trail from Crystal Springs Dr to Bike Path

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM – Bike Path (L.A. River) from Griffith Park to the exit on Glendale Bl.

8:10 AM to 9:10 AM – Bike Path exit on Glendale Bl into Hyperion Bridge, up to Rowena Ave

8:13 AM to 9:40 AM – Rowena Ave from Hyperion Ave to West Silver Lake Dr; West Silver Lake Drive from Hyperion Ave to West Silver Lake Dr; West Silver Lake Dr from Rowena Ave to Effie St/Silver Lake Bl; Silver Lake Bl from Effie St/Silver Lake Dr to Sunset Bl

8:35 AM to 10:10 AM – Logan St from Sunset Bl to Echo Park “Lake Path” (path inside the Park); Echo Path “Lake Path” from Logan St to Bellevue Ave; Bellevue Ave from Echo Park “Lake Path” at Echo Park Ave to East Edgeware Rd; Edgeware Rd from Bellevue Ave to Temple St

8:40 AM to 10:35 AM – Temple St from East Edgeware Rd to Figueroa St; Figueroa St from West Cesar Chavez Ave to 2nd St; 2nd St from Figueroa St to Hill St; Hill St from 2nd St to Finish Line

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  1. That was me, LA MapNerd, not the justly more-famous LA City Nerd.

    For some reason, your map JPEG in the post isn’t showing up on my end.

    (BTW, LA City Nerd seems to be MIA these days – anyone know what happened?)

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