USC &#43 Coliseum = Can of Worms

Photo of the Los Angeles Coliseum, 1956, from USC Digital Archives


USC wants to fix the Coliseum.

The Coliseum tells USC to leave it alone.

USC threatens to move to the Rose Bowl.

UCLA gets angry. Changes shade of blue.

The Mayor tells everyone to get along, or he’ll cancel Christmas.

The Mayor of Los Angeles has decided that USC should stay in the Coliseum. So, he’s abandoning plans to lure the NFL back to the storied arena. This, after the NFL had already told L.A. they didn’t want to play there anyway.

Where does this leave us?

It’s a safe bet that USC and The Coliseum will work things out. But what’s next for the NFL? There have been talks regarding possible stadium sites in Orange County and the City of Industry.

Dumb. Sprawl is bad enough as it is. Los Angeles needs a stadium in Los Angeles. We need to start thinking about sites that maximize use of public transit. Somewhere close to a Metro Rail station.

What about here? Build new jails somewhere else. Relocate some industrial stuff. Build a world-class NFL facility along the banks of a revitalized Los Angeles River.


10 thoughts on “USC &#43 Coliseum = Can of Worms”

  1. I was going to vote NIMBY but after taking another look at the map I’ll put my X in the “bring it on” box.

  2. It leaves us exactly where we were before. I’ll continue to waste my time rooting for the Jets and not caring if LA gets another NFL team.

  3. Aren’t there homes in that area as well? I agree with making a new facility in the city, but if housing is displaced residents should be compassionately compensated or re-situated. Chavez Ravine is AWFUL close to there, and we assed that one up good and proper-like.

  4. I agree, L. I’m honestly not that familiar with the area. No matter what, we cannot afford another Chavez Ravine.

    I’m just wondering if there is a large enough piece of land in or near Downtown that could house a stadium.

    Anyone know of any other industrial areas that might fit the bill?

  5. There are certain expanses around there that ARE all industrial, and while displacing small industry is regrettable as well, it’s not quite like kicking a family out of their home. I’m sure a likely area could be found…the question is, how much of the surrounding area would have to be altered to manage higher traffic patterns and parking / public safety needs? That enlarges our affected area by several…football fields. :)

  6. You know, I’ve never felt like our city was lacking anything because we don’t have an NFL team. Maybe its because I was never a big football fan. But now living in Philadelphia, where they are super crazy about every team, especially the Eagles, it makes me think that maybe LA doesn’t need a team. Aren’t USC and UCLA enough? They’ve kinda filled the void, haven’t they? Besides, Chicanos are still all about the Raiders as if they never left.

  7. Sprawl would be putting the stadium in some undeveloped corner of San Bernardino or Riverside and encouraging more development between here and it. Sprawl is not sticking it in an already dense urban area – which is basically most of the current Greater LA Area. You are objecting to additional traffic congestion stemming from a placement of a stadium in said already dense urban area.

    Why not just have a team play in a field of grass planted basically anywhere (perhaps a high school stadium) and just CGI in a nice bowl around it and some screaming super fans? Not like the average Angeleno could afford to attend a game anyway – given what it costs for most families to attend other pro games around the state. It’s for the TV eyeballs, right? The merchandizing? Who needs a big new stadium for that.

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