Gimme A Sign: Streets Need Time Off, Too

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This posted “Notice Of Street Vacation” at the corner of 1st and Main caught my eye almost immediately after the bikes racks mentioned in my earlier post today. And while the language of the first paragraph was pretty cut-and-dry in explaining that last January the City Council adopted a motion to commence “Street Vacation proceedings,” the second paragraph delineating the boundaries of said street to be said vacationedo lost me. Big time:

The limited airspace of a portion of First Street between Main Street and Los Angeles Street from approximately 58 feet to 205 feet above the finished street surface, extending horizontally 35 feet into the right-of-way and Main Street between First Street and Second Street from approximately 18 feet to 72 feet above the finished street surface, extending horizontally 10 feet into the right-of-way.

What the Fuh??!!?!

6 thoughts on “Gimme A Sign: Streets Need Time Off, Too”

  1. From the Dept of Engineering website:

    Vacation means the complete or partial abandonment or termination of the public right to
    use a street, highway, or public service easement. The area vacated would then revert to
    the owner of the underlying fee interest for their own use. . . Usually the City of Los Angeles is only an easement holder of the rights-of-way of public
    streets, alleys or walks and the adjoining property owners have the underlying fee
    interest. However, it is advisable for the petitioner to contact a title company to perform a
    title search of the underlying fee interest of the proposed vacation area prior to submittal
    of the application. In addition, in some instances, the City of Los Angeles owns the
    underlying fee interest. In these situations, a request for purchase of the City owned
    property must be processed through the appropriate City Agency”

  2. The Militant’s street went on vacation in Tahiti and all he got was this lousy T-Shirt.

    This is why government doesn’t work, they don’t speak the people’s language. Just like that time when an LAPD officer ordered a youth to “step away from the light standard” and he did not comply…who the fcuk calls a streetlight a “light standard”?!?!?

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