Why people hate the valley, reason #812

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/11/800px-Blake_Dante_Hell_V-thumb.jpgDriving into Chatsworth this morning felt just a wee bit like driving into the second circle of hell. There’s a wind advisory today for LA’s valleys, and I’m here to tell you it’s gosh darned windy here in the north SFV. It feels in fact, not unlike being in the spin cycle of the drier. Fifteen minutes outside and I need to rehydrate, put on skin lotion and pick the leaves out of my hair. I’m really over this wind. It’s the sort of weather where you expect mean ladies in bicycles to ride by in midair or something.

(Blake’s illustration of the second circle courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

10 thoughts on “Why people hate the valley, reason #812”

  1. I hate that weather. Our family owns an old ranch out in the brush-filled Chatsworth hills, hard to reach except by a dirt road, and every windy season I worry about it. A few years back the fires came within eight feet of some of the buildings, all of which were hand-built by my great-uncle and contain wood carvings, Tyrolian-style stone and wood architecture, and other charming historic bits and bobs I’d be heartbroken to lose.

  2. Here in Studio City, in the SE corner of the Valley, we’ve had almost no wind at all, and the temperature barely broke 70 today. It’s 68 right now.

    During this year’s first big round of fires, we also got almost no wind at all. It was spooky. Everyone talking about fierce 60-70 mph Santa Anas, and we had barely a leaf stirring.

    Ah, Southern California, land of the microclimate!

  3. You know, I live in Encino, which has been remarkably wind-free these past weeks/months. It’s just that darned waged work thing. I’m convinced that Chatsworth is, in fact, the windiest place on earth. Chatsworth–home of porn and wind (and Lucinda’s family ranch).

  4. Actually I’m convinced the windiest place on earth is just south of Monterey, near Pebble Beach, in a certain place where two major ocean currents collide–just offshore. The sea is constantly churning and the air never rests. Beautiful, desolate, sublime, and annoying as all hell.

  5. Oh Lucinda, the wind may blow in Monterey but that place is so gorgeous. Some friends got married at the Inn at Spanish Bay years ago and it was one of the most beautiful spots on the coast I could ever remember being at.

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