Who wins your “Clark Griswold Award”?

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In my little ‘hood in outer Monrovia it started as a joke at one of our block parties. The “Clark Griswold” award is for the most over the top in the spirit of Christmas yard decorations. Shane is currently in the lead. Prior winners Bill and Mike haven’t started so it’s still a toss up as to who will win this year. They may have competition as a few others who have never put up a light are already at it.

Judging comes down to informal votes and in the event of a tie we check to see who has the fastest spinning power meter to determine who wins.

The competition has gotten so intense that in years past harmless little pranks have taken place. Those wire reindeer and inflatable Santa’s make for great impromptu arrangement that would add new chapters to the Karma Sutra . The best prank is chalked up to “Dad’s Gone Bad” and if the culprit cops to it they at least get toasted by the rest of us.

Pic by me…get’s bigger with a little elfin magic and a click on the image. More pics in my Flickr set HERE

2 thoughts on “Who wins your “Clark Griswold Award”?”

  1. I can’t wait to see what goes on in my neighborhood around Xmas. In my old neighborhood, we’d drive around Hancock park agog, trying to figure out how much wattage was being used in a given minute. I know there are some places in Pasadena where people go nuts and I saw a house in Alhambra that had way too many inflatable things on the lawn. That being said, for my personal neighborhood, I’m putting my money on the people who had an inflatable turkey up until yesterday. I figure if they’d invest in an inflatable turkey, they’ll go balls out for xmas. Besides, they easily have 500,437 ceramic rabbits in their front yard. Do they need a push?

  2. You must be talking about Pasadena’s Hasting’s Ranch neighborhood that does the themed streets.

    500,437 ceramic rabbits eh? They would only need a little nudge to go nuts for Christmas. Send me a pic…we’ll put it up. Even if it’s just the bunnies.

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