Beverly Hills Free Parking for the Holidays

Occasionally I venture into the wild hinterlands of Beverly Hills. I’m always happy that the city provides one free hour of parking in their structures.
(HELLLOOOOO!!!! Hollywood! Get a clue from BH and SM!)

So I was thrilled when I read that this December, they were giving TWO free hours.
Yippeee! I thought.

Today I went in and parked in my usual Bedford Drive structure, one of the largest in the city. I frittered away the two hours, buying bread, cupcakes, dreaming about shoes at Saks….. just making it out in time. But alas, my bill was $4.50.

What gives? Well, apparently only special ‘designated’ lots have two free hours. Hmmph! Irritating. Smelled of bait and switch if you ask me.

Almost as irritating as the dowagers who pull into the lot and wait wait wait while someone slowly unlocks their car, arranges their stuff and at a snails pace pulls out. When just up the lot are tons of open spaces. Doesn’t anyone know about driving etiquette and moving until the next available space opens up? Not slamming on your brakes when you see someone ambling towards their car. Jeez!

Don’t mind me. I’m just crabby about paying for parking, which I fantasized would be free.

3 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Free Parking for the Holidays”

  1. I hate that parking lot thing. The worst is when it’s in front of the gym. I’ve said many times my parking lot rage is way worse than my road rage.

  2. Parking seems to be the bane of our existance. If it ain’t free I take my business elsewhere.

    I totally agree with the numbskulls sitting waiting for spaces to open up close to the entrance. I always park to the rear, not because my beater is special, mostly because I can walk just fine and will hopefully let someone who doesn’t get around well a spot closer. I know it doesn’t happen, but I like to think it does.

    And Travis…all is fair in love, war and parking lots. Have at it.

  3. yeah. seriously irritating. I hate it. I want to put up signs urging people to move to the next vacant spot so traffic flows and tempers cool. But it’s just one more sign I AM NOT IN CHARGE DAMMIT!!!!!!

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