Horror Writers Eat Scabs

Today I marched on Warner Brothers with a group of horror writers and performed an exorcism.

We, the horror writers of the WGA, don’t necessarily believe that the AMPTP is evil. Rather, we believe they’ve been invaded by evil spirits whose devilish agenda is the destruction of our Guild. For this reason we have decided to conduct this exorcism for the mutual benefit of this industry. We may be dark souls, but we do believe that good eventually triumphs over evil.

I know! Jace Anderson invited me, so the boy (my 18-month-old son) and I went over to Burbank and picketed. OF COURSE my camera decided to stop working for the duration (it is working perfectly fine again now, and I am not saying it was possessed but it is so obvious), so I will update this post when the pictures other folks took make it online, and the video is on YouTube.

My impression of striking: It is very organized. The picket lines are full of people who know where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing. This is their job right now. On Barham/Olive, where the sidewalks are very narrow, most of the picketers were waiting on crosswalk signals and doing a changing of the guard at each light. (At other studios picketers walk in a circle. I think they keep moving so they are not considered loiterers – can anyone confirm?) The horror writers group was not quite as well organized, mainly because they expected 15 people and about 50 turned up, so one megaphone wasn’t really sufficient. But it went very well as far as I could tell.

And my kid even had a pretty good time, yelling back at the honking cars and playing with a life-size Chucky doll someone brought. Until he decided it was lunchtime and we left, before the march was quite finished.

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  1. Thanks for the links, guys! Incidentally, the “someone” who brought the Chucky doll was Don Mancini, who wrote all the Child’s Play movies. I am an ass.

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