Continuing Tales Of The Circus Shitty Chronicles

Since the crackheaded installation team at the Sunset Boulevard Circus Shitty couldn’t properly install a Sirius satellite radio antenna in my truck some three years I’ve avoided that chain for all but the most menial get-in/get-out/get-on-with-it purchases. Yes, when I broke my first iPod shuffle by breaking off the USB connector I bought a new one there. And yes, when my old cell phone finally crapped out I replaced it at the Verizon kiosk inside. But never would I deign to obtain anything that required them to do more than take my money and give me a receipt.

Strongly einforcing my low regard for that electronics retailer is Atwater Village Newbie who retells the harrowing tale of being categorically banned from the Burbank branch this past weekend by the expletive-spewing, fist-shaking “store director.” AVN’s crime? Asking them to make good on a car audio installation guarantee and fix a funked-up speaker. His response? AVN writes that he said, “Get the fuck out of my store,” and, “If you ever step foot in my fucking store again I will call the cops and report you for trespassing” and, fists raised, lunging at me, “I will take you down.”

After attempting unsuccessfully to report the incident through proper channels AVN’s decided to fuck that noise and instead has opted to go tactical and get banned from each and every one of the remaining SoCal stores.

7 thoughts on “Continuing Tales Of The Circus Shitty Chronicles”

  1. Crystal and I do everything in our power to avoid Circuit Shitty and always try Best Buy first. Is it any wonder they’ve been losing money for years?

  2. I was asked to leave a competing box box electronics store on Pico on the Westside for refusing to finish my coffee outside. I haven’t gone back.

  3. I had my Sirius radio installed at that same Sunset branch. I get interference on the signal constantly. They’ve pretty much told me it’s my fault for not getting the more expensive installation option.

  4. i think AVN should have called the cops!!!
    those were entirely inappropriate and specific threats to his person, safety, etc. (lawyers? witnesses? subpoenas for security tapes? – prob’ly too late and not worth the hassle. but it makes me angry. get in that time machine and have your videophone ready. then call the cops.)
    *end justice fantasy*

    personally, i wouldn’t waste any of my time of his plan to get banned from all the branches. i don’t think anyone at the circus will get the point.

  5. @ Stevek: I finally wised up and DIY’d the antenna’s relocation. I solved my never-ending “antenna not found” issues by running it out the rear window and up to my truck’s roof from where they had stupidly stuck it on the dash. Took me all of 20 minutes and that includes tucking the wiring out of sight all perfeshunal like. I still occasionally get some of that FM shushy interference in the background but at least my antenna’s found now!

    @Kristen: I don’t REALLY think AVN’s planning on getting physically banned from every other Circus Shitty on the SoCal map, but then again I don’t have much of a clue whether AVN’s a dude or a lady so what the hay do I know!?

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