AT&T fried my modem and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.
So, break out your tin foil hat, it’s conspiracy theory time. I dunno, might be nuthin’, but it’s awfully suspicious:

My internet died Saturday. This pissed me off. I called up The Evil Empire AT&T to lobby a perfectly understandable “WTF,” and after sometime on the phone (with a tech support person who embodied every negative stereotype possible in that industry, topped off with a southern drawl and bad script) the conclusion was reached that my router/modem was fried. Also, it was not under warranty.

K. I opted to go to Best Buy rather than go through their “E-Store” for a replacement.

The following day at Best Buy, literally 5 people converged on the aisle where these things abide, all AT&T customers, all with similar stories. The elderly couple who was there (it was the couple and three individuals, myself included) said that they were initially told it was the DSL filter, and that that needed to be replaced. Now, that this is horseshit is one thing, but the couple claimed that when they went to their local Radio Shack to get one (which did no good, BTW) the clerk at The Shack inquired what was going on, as so many people had been in to buy the things that day.

Oh yeah, that couple lives about a block from me.

In any case, the new modem seems to work, as I’m using it now, maybe it’s just a huge co-incidence. It’s not like AT&T has ever done anything to make me doubt them or question their motives. You’d don’t think they’d ever lie, do you?

Lemme know, Angelenos, if you had a similar situation with them or if you hear of any class action type lawsuits I can jump on about it. That modem wasn’t cheap.

Edit: Cause people wanna know details, the Best Buy in question is the one on Santa Monica and La Brea, by the Target, and as for where I live, the neighborhood where it happened, we’ve discussed that before.

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  1. My modem’s untimely demise brought forth by what I’ve called AT&T’s “Biennial Gateway Decimatrix Pulse” happened this last July. I did the same Best Buy thing.

    Read all about it here.

  2. I got hit with the July Special as well. Sufficient complaining over the phone got them to send me a new one for free and credit my account with several days of free service.

    Turned out in the end that the only thing that was fried was the power adapter. If you can test that by itself it could save you some bucks/time on the horn.

  3. Only semi-related, I’m leaving AT&T Wireless tomorrow (when my contract ends.) I believe the wireless division to be the part of AT&T with the highest level of suck. One of many reasons for my departure is the deceptive business practice of charging for minutes and text messages in a billing period other than the one in which they were actually used.

    Anyone else interested in a class action there, too?

  4. Best image ever –

    I thought I was the only one who saw that when they brought out this new logo!

  5. Excellent logo. Do you have a bigger and better copy for me somewhere.

    ATT blows. Ruth666 wrote about them twice with allowing slammers to bill us for this dumb ass “joke of the day service” without us ever signing up. ATT took it off her bill. Mine is still there 4 months after the fact.

    The sad thing is that they all are a bunch of lying thieves on a good day. Went throught that with Verizon already over modem issues.

  6. I left them about a year ago because of their crappy DSL service. It was combination of their crappy equipment and the hours I wasted on the phone trying to get the stuff to work. At one point, they told me that because of the age of my house and as a result, the age of the phone wires, I might need to get my entire house rewired!! In the year I had the service, it only worked for about half of those months. No DSL is better than AT&T DSL! I was so mad I soon thereafter disconnected my phone service with AT&T.

  7. My modem crashed today!!!! fortunately i had a spare…att was of no help at all…said everything was fine and blamed it on my internal network. This is BS!!!!!

  8. Burns: “One of many reasons for my departure is the deceptive business practice of charging for minutes and text messages in a billing period other than the one in which they were actually used.”

    I had the same experience with them about five years ago and left them for that very reason. They had a lot of other problems, but that was by far the stupidest.

  9. Mark O:

    I tried rebooting it a grip of times, tho’ I appreciate the thought. (One of the reasons I went to Best Buy is if I can get the old modem working, or whatever, I can take the new one back.)

    In any case, I work late nights, believe that I tried rebooting it over and over in the wee hours. I had Auctions to check on World of Warcraft! And a level 60 Warrior to level up….

    (Not being a smart ass, BTW, I do appreciate the comment.)

  10. When my SBC/AT&T DSL modem went deaf after three years of service, I replaced it with a Diamond Multimedia DSL modem and wireless router all in one small box from Fry’s. Have been sorta happy with it ever since. The admin tools are a little clunky, so if I have to do it again, I’ll search for an all-in with a modern user interface.

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