Cyber Monday

Is it live? Or is it Memorex Marketing?

You have all heard about Black Friday I’m sure. (When I hear the term “Black Friday” I always think of the movie with the blimp at the superbowl.) Maybe some of you got up at some ungodly hour to get some kind of “doorbuster” deal. Here at Blogging.LA we even had an in depth report from a local mall about Black Friday.

But In the 21st century, with the magic of the series of tubes, we now have Cyber Monday. What that means is, all the people who shopped over the Thanksgiving weekend and couldn’t find what they wanted are now spending today on the internets, shopping their fingers off.

Are you buying it? I mean, are you believing the hype? Did you shop this weekend, specifically Friday? If so, I would like to hear how it was in Los Angeles from your experience. Or are you a 90% online shopper like me? (I’m not really any kind of hardcore early adopter, but when Amazon was new, I was all over that site like white on rice.) If online, where do you buy online and why? Convenience? Price?

Let’s hear all the gory details about Black Friday in LA or Cyber Monday all over the world.

7 thoughts on “Cyber Monday”

  1. It’s all a bunch of crap. Years of working in retail taught me that the busiest day in the stores is always the Saturday before Christmas.As for Cyber Monday,pure marketing BS.

  2. After 10 years in retail management I have not stepped foot in the mall the day after Thanksgiving. It is one of the biggest shopping days, but I have to agree the weekend before Christmas is the worst. Very busy, low on some items and people crabbing because of it.

    I now shop on line where possible, get it done way early where not. And I always hit the small local merchant before I go near a mall. The little guys need the support and tend to be a lot more generous in supporting the community. That is why I hit Old Town Monrovia, Glendora or venture into old Burbank.

    I saw the bits on the news this morning about “cyber Monday” as well. I agree, pure BS marketing.

  3. I buy everything I can online and then 1-2 weeks before Christmess I do a 8:00 AM sweep through the Galleria to finish off.

  4. My contribution to Cyber Monday was to buy some batteries today from a battery website; a buncha lithium 3-volters to replace the worn out ones in the blinky lights on my bike and backpack and keep me illuminated on the road at night. I got more than I’ll be needing for several years but at 34 of ’em for 33 bucks — and free shipping? Sold!

  5. Hey Colinski I worked in retail at a variety of high end departments stores here and in LV/PHX we all used the term “Black Friday” for the day after Thanksgiving over 20 years ago. We used the term for a variety of reasons primary was that was the start of the Holiday season owned us body and soul sucking our youth away.

    I was kind of surprised when it made it outside of the stores and the twist for the general public. At least you have a bit of a historical perspective on the term and how it grew into the mass media darling the last couple of years. Snopes has something on it? I have to check that out.

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