Pasadena attempting to tax internet?

paspunbanner.jpg Among the blog’s on my must read list is that of Pasadena resident Wayne Lusvardi who writes the Pasadena Pundit blog. He has called Mayor Bogaard out this time for what he believes is an effort to tax internet useage by the city under Measure D.

He even has posted a transcript of a letter to Senator Barbara Boxer where Bogaard allegedly asks that she support a bill that would extend the current moratorium on non-taxation of internet useage by only 4 years. Pasadena Pundit is very vocal on Pasadena’s Measure D as being an attempt to put before voters the ability of the city to tax internet useage. Full details are in his various analysis entries on his blog.

The most recent articles by the Pasadena Star News are “Measure D Draws Arguements” and Staff Action Worries Blogger.

The other blog I read out of there with a fair amount of regularity asked why the City of Pasadena had to hire a pimp to pimp Measure D which is just go pick their pocket a little deeper. More on the Pasadena’s Political Underbelly is found in the section of “what I missed” in their blog post HERE.

In the end I like it when a blog writer can tackle an issue and get the more common local media’s attention. Better when it get’s the attention on important issues that affect other communities.

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  1. If you followed the link to the pundit’s pages its an effort to raise revenue for the city general revenue. I’m not sure what is their intent but the pundit believes it is and is raising attention to get the measure to fail before the electorate.

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