Faux downtown LA robbery becomes international sensation

This video, “Magic Wand,” isn’t the viral hit it should have been.

Video that debuted on Metroblogging becomes viral hit… WTF?

Occasionally, I shoot short films. Some, I’m pretty damn proud of, if only because they’re made with zero budget and no crew. Take for instance, “Magic Wand,” about what happens when a guy tries out a home pregnancy test. That one has received a decent 3,363 views on YouTube. “Choke,” on the other hand, warning the pitfalls of using a Ouija board, has only had 194 views. 

However, in the last few days one video of mine that has received over 60,000 views, and I can’t quite figure out why. You may remember me mentioning this a few months ago – I stumbled across a commercial shoot in downtown Los Angeles, and shot a take with a crappy digital camera. It turned out to be for a Chevy Malibu commercial (watch it here).

According to the link info, traffic is largely coming from foreign websites of some kind with names like Naura Nappula, Mediálne.sk, and Блогът на Делян Делчев. all of which I’m guessing are trying to pass the video off as real footage of a Los Angeles bank robbery, demonstrating how daft we are here. Anyway, its flattering to be responsible for a viral video, but why couldn’t it have been for one of the short films I actually put my heart into, like “Asstoids?” (only 194 views so far)

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