Black Friday Report


The wonderful Los Angeles TV news were reporting heavily this morning about the consumer holiday known as Black Friday, a day of frenzied spending that rivals St. Pats and Cinco de Mayo for drunken debauchery, even if it is a weirdly sober drunkenness. (Unfortunately, the shopping hangover lasts much longer than the one created by booze.) I wanted to check out the wild scene so I headed down to my local shopping mall, see If I can get a glimpse of the shopping frenzy. Click ahead to see my full investigative report!


The lines outside the Lincoln Mini Mall were quite short, though there was a bit of pushing and shoving to get on the mechanical horsies. Next time don’t cut in front of me, little girl!


The jewelery area had the most amount of shoppers, though not many of them were buying.


The lower floor of the Fashion wing was heavily deserted.


Many of the “Door Buster” specials were still available. I got me a stash of $3 “Beverly Hills” t-shirts, even I like to dress up all classy every once in awhile.


The eastern edge of the mall, where I usually get my adjustable belts (aka the shoplifters tool of choice) was also quite vacant of shoppers. Hmm, now I really don’t understand why all the news reports are so excited by shopping. Maybe I’m missing something.

Reporting live from Lincoln Heights, I’m EL CHAVO! Back to you in the studio.

3 thoughts on “Black Friday Report”

  1. I was reading the “Black Friday” sale adds in Thursday paper. 60 % off and Mervyn’s, 50% off at JP Pennies. Sounds great, until one remembers that Mervyns has stuff at 50% like every day and 40% off is standard for JC Pennies. Is it really worth being in line at 2:00 AM just to save 10%?

  2. nope not worth it i did the walmart thing last year it was hella crazy and you end up buying stuff that aint on sale!! today i went to the mall to buy something for my mom and it was way to hot overcrowed and long ass lines black friday is overratted plus now u can shop online for all that stuff!!

  3. ahhahaha by the way loved the discount mall report thing we got one in my city and it prob looked the same lol

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