Ontario Int’l: Not Bad!

airport.gifI’m writing this from Atlanta, where I’m waiting to hop on a connecting flight to Pittsburgh, for Thanksgiving with the soon-to-be-officially-in-laws. But thankfully, we didn’t fly out of LAX. I’m not sure how much of a gong show it was (feel free to post in the comments if you do know) but Ontario went relatively smoothly. Well, except for a few snags with parking lots & parking shuttles (as in one of the big lots was full & the shuttles in the last lot with space kept passing us by because they were full), but once we got to the airport, we didn’t wait more than a few minutes in any line. Sweet.

3 thoughts on “Ontario Int’l: Not Bad!”

  1. I like Ontario too as parking is better than Burbank during the week. Ontario usually has a lot of parking close in you can actually walk to your terminals in.

    The problem, and its a big one when we travel is a family that the cost difference between LAX and Ontario is several hundred dollars. Even paying for a ride in and out of LAX included it is a few hundred dollars cheaper than Ontario.

    If LA wants ONT to be an alternative airport option they need to find a way to get the airfairs between the two airports on par. Until then many of us out here in the SGV will need to use LAX simply because of cost.

    Have a Happy Holiday back East!

  2. The fares used to be a lot closer back when I was an undergrad at Claremont in the late 80s. I discovered in 2000 when I went for my ten year reunion that LAX was far cheaper than ONT which was a bloody nuisance. Whenever I fly I always compare fares at all the regional airports and LAX is usually at least $100/person cheaper. On very rare occasions there’s a bargain to be had from Long Beach or Orange County, but those are the exceptions, not the rule.

  3. I live about 10 minutes from LAX, so it’s a no-brainer for me to fly from there. We left on Wednesday at 10pm, so got to the airport at 8pm, after hearing the stories of how bad the lines were. However, by 8:15pm, we were already sitting at our gate….the lines were non-existent and we actually ended up landing about 30 minutes early into New York. All in all, a great airport/flight experience. I guess we’ll see how the return trip goes tomorrow!

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