High School Turkeys

Student said: “This turkey has clouds around him, because he is in Turkey Heaven.”

Before everyone starts to chow down on food, I would just like to share the following pleasantness. As a high school math teacher, we so rarely get the opportunity to have “fun” activities in class (“fun” meaning, and this to math students generally, “not related to math”).

As a reward for my second period doing their homework, I surprised them by having them make turkey-hands, and we watched “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Lamentably, my other classes are not doing so well on the homework-and-quiz department, so they had to do work yesterday (*sad violin*).

PS: Sorry for the crappy pic quality. I forgot to replace the memory card in my camera, so I had to use my camera-phone. D’oh!

A couple more pics after the jump.

Student said: “Do you like the Adidas on my Vato Turkey?”

And finally, the cutest turkey of all: Turkeys in Love

Student said: “I am thankful for love!!! <3”

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  1. It’s good to let big kids act and do little kid stuff. We need a little bit more of encouraging that curiousity.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself re the cell phone, it does add the charm of this article.

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