Traffic Update

(Click for bigger grimness)

It’s looking a bit grim out there as of 3 pm…more yellow and red dots showing up. Surface streets are also packed. I know none of this is a surprise, I just love hitting refresh on or google maps and watching the changes…

Be careful out there!

Past the jump is the google version of the same traffic. Be warned…it’s graphic!


One thought on “Traffic Update”

  1. I knew something was up, and really bad on the 210 Freeway through outer Monrovia as our Foothill Blvd which for reasons unknown (it dead ends in Monrovia) is seen as a relief valve by too many commuters to the freeway.

    I spoke with a lady who arrived at a store here in town at 3 that it took a bit over an hour to make the drive from South Pas to here…that’s 9 miles folks so it must really blow.

    My suggestion…stay home another 3-4 hours before trying to hit the 210. And for god’s sake if you have to use city streets to avoid the freeway be considerate as you pass by folks homes.

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