The $20 Project: Fresh & Easy to the Rescue

fereceipt1120107.jpg Never fails every holiday eve I find a couple of things I didn’t get during my big shops that I absolutely needed or would run out before Friday and could not survive without. This holiday was no different. After waiting for traffic to die down a bit I ventured out at 8:30 only to find Pavillions packed and decided to venture down to Fresh & Easy in Arcadia as I knew 7-11 wouldn’t have what I needed.

To find out how they came to the rescue after the jump.


All the odd bits I needed like Portobello mushrooms for my Winter Vegie Bake was in stock. Actually everything I needed was there. I was out fast too which is great as I am beat.

The real surprise, the pleasant kind is when I came around the corner and saw a few of the employees unloading a fresh food shelf and putting it into a shopping cart. The smarty in me blurbed out “stale dated and time to get rid of it? Not moving the sushi fast enough?”. Without a beat “No sir, this all has a few days shelf life left and we are donating it to a local group for distribution for the homeless and needy tomorrow”.

Wow. I like being stopped in my tracks like that. I don’t ever recall being in my local Ralph’s or Pavillions and having that happen.

Better, it was a lot more than just sushi, it was fresh fruits and all sorts of goodies. They were even offering up several containers to everyone in the store as “samples”.


All told I spent $20.19 on what I had allotted $30 for so I could use the coupon set to expire tomorrow. Add in the freebies that came to just under $15 I made out quite well. The ones who really made out well are those that are getting the shopping carts loaded with goodies tomorrow so they can have a feast and celebration in spirit with the rest of us. I like that. I like these guys, they are turning out to be good for the community.

I hadn’t intended to do another $20 piece but this was too good not to share with LA. For more on the $20 project you can check David Marklands original HERE.

4 thoughts on “The $20 Project: Fresh & Easy to the Rescue”

  1. I’m going to have to check out the Wet & Easy in Eagle Rock to see what all the fuss is about. I hope the Brits have some of my staples, I don’t care much for beans-in-a-can.

  2. Nice post, Fraz, and I’m glad you got what you needed and the unexpected good news about how they are a part of the community. Good to hear!

    I did ask our local Vons what they do with all their pastries breads and baked goods and the manager told me that they donate it as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. The local Ralphs or Vons clears out their shelves before opening. Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

    Good for whose community, exactly? Please, stop with the simple minded posts.

  4. Good for my community Rachel. By the way your email address comes back as an unknown or invalid email service. Makes me question your motives and simple minded motives.

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