Thanks for just being you.

oink.jpg Thanksgiving, that holiday of myth mixed with fact is upon us. I have much to be “thankful” for, though that can be a bit trite along the lines of beauty pageant winners “wish for world peace”. So far Julia , Helen and Will have chimed in on the topic. Maybe my block comes from trying to put it into order when right now I look at it all in disorder as this year has been a personal journey of re-evaluation.

In short, I am thankful I can just be “weird” when I want to. For a wife, family and ever growing circle of friends that let me meander down whatever path interests me. I do appreciate it when you call me on my crap when I’ve crossed the line too far into being a total a**hole. (Really, I do step back and re-evaluate where I am going when it happens). I hope I give the same back to those around me. We all pass each other for a reason in the grand scheme of life. It is this ebb and flow of people around me who accept me for “me” is what I am most thankful for.

Thanks for being you and crossing my path this last year.

Pic by me, my yard art as proof I can’t help being weird, done with the trusty cell phone cam. It get’s bigger with a quick click.

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  1. You’re pretty cool, Frazgo. I have the same gratitude toward my family. If I were still in LA, I’d buy you a cup of coffee. Thanks for being you, too!

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