Hooray for Holiday Travel!

With Thanksgiving coming along later this week, the “holiday travel season” has begun with many people taking this week off.

I’m glad I didn’t have to fly in/out of Burbank Airport this morning, which was experiencing delays due to heavy fog.

I consider myself lucky that my family is all in the Southern California area; I don’t have to travel to be with them. But I know a lot of people have to go through the horror of holiday, particularly Thanksgiving travel.

So I’m wondering…

Are you traveling this week? Do you have any holiday travel secrets? Any holiday travel horror stories to share???

5 thoughts on “Hooray for Holiday Travel!”

  1. Ha…nice post can’t wait to see the responses.

    My advice. STAY HOME.

    The worst…stuck in Denver for 6 hours due to snow. or…

    10 hours drive to Las Vegas 10 years ago AND I had 2 in diapers. If my folks want to see me they come here. Those things get smelly in closed quarters. or….

    5 hours to Temecula on T-giving morning to spend the weekend with friends there. or….

    Probably my favorite, actually at Christmas in I think 1995…18 hours to SF for a Holiday Family Reunion. First the 5 was closed because of snow and stuck, turned around, 14 was closed due to snow, turned around and took the 101 up in pouring rain with what seemed like 1 million other cars. 2 were in diapers. Did I mention how smelly those get in closed quarters with a heater on?

  2. The best day to travel is Thursday.

    Head to non-touristic foreign destinations like, say, Mexico City or Alberta, Canada.

    Take off extra time next week and come back on Monday or Tuesday to avoid the return crowds.

    At Christmastime, New Year’s Eve is a pretty low travel day. Christmas Eve/Christmas day are also reasonably light travel-wise.

  3. We traveled to Florida for a wedding and came back yesterday because I hate to fly during the holidays. We were two hours sitting on the plane in Tampa because Atlanta, our connection, was fog-bound. This made many folks angry when we finally got to Atlanta but we were less than two hours late to LA. I think Delta did a great job making up the time.

    People need to understand they are flying at the busiest time and chill. I wanted to sock this one passenger for being so rude. What a puto!

  4. Last year I drove the new mini through arizona, new mexico, gambled across oklahoma to arkansas, then down through Texas to Houston. Forty four hundred miles of fun on just over a hundred gallons. Saw some great sites and a few friends along the way. Though I’m not doing it this year, it was two weeks well worth spent getting to know the mini too.

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