Long Dazed Journey: Great L.A. Walk 2

What’s it like to set out at 9:30 a.m. with a whole passel of other pedestrians and transit en masse the 15.76 miles of Pico Boulevard from the historic Coca-Cola building at Central Avenue westward to the surf of Santa Monica beach, arriving just as the sun was about to crawl beneath the offshore marine layer at 4:42 in the afternoon?


Arduous, tiring and ache-making, but otherwise smooooooth sailing.

A few more captioned snaps about Mike Schneider’s
second-annual Great L.A. Walk after the jump.
My full Flickr photoset of the long day’s
journey — all 165 images –can be viewed here.

There were certainly more practical things that could’ve occupied this Saturday. Three weeks of fallen leaves around the house needed sweeping up. Plus there’s the new handlebars and brake cables to install on the bike in the aftermath of the markedly lucky spill I took on Beverly Boulevard Friday night. Then there was the issue of whether my right foot, which I’d royally lacerated quite nicely in a stupid barefoot backyard accident Friday morning, was up to handling the prolonged trial of such crosstown trailblazing. Thankfully it was and an awesome experience and sense of accomplishment was had.

Congrats and thanks to Mike for spearheading such a unique experience. I’m sure he’ll be posting up a recap on Franklin Avenue soon.

Get ready, Get set: Some of the gathered assembly await the go signal at the Coca-Cola Building at Pico and Central.

Passing by the awesome 1996 “Laser Robot” mural by Jon Wolff.

A hidden surprise: a shop where old juke boxes go to live!

While lunching at Oki-Dog, the cavalry showed up, apparently in response to unconfirmed reports of an irregularly large number of pedestrians in the area.

Just park that anywhere. A large crane toppled onto a store ironically named “Cool Baby” between Fairfax and La Cienega while apparently attempting to remove a rooftop billboard. The owners of the shop are probably thinking that wasn’t too cool, baby.

Interesting lighting scheme passing under the 10 Freeway and into Santa Monica for the homestretch to the ocean.

7 thoughts on “Long Dazed Journey: Great L.A. Walk 2”

  1. Glad to see you made it in time for the sunset. I didn’t finish until well after dark at 6pm. I guess that’s what happens when you spend too much time stopping along the way and shooting over a thousand pictures as I did. What fun!

  2. I’ll have my blog of the event up at L.A. Stories later today. Unlike with the Sunset walk (where my pics are still in the camera), I’ve got the photos I took on flickr already and captioned and I’ll do the write-up while I’m doing my laundry.

  3. I rode by at 8:30-9:00 AMish on my motorcycle. Guess I arrived before the crowd because no one was there.

  4. Yeah, Michael… I didn’t even get there until 9:15 but by then there was a crowd of 60 or so.

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