Negotiations to resume November 26 – yay!

United Hollywood just published a press release: The AMPTP has agreed to come back to the table and talk with the WGA! This is huge – even if it does mean losing a bet with Markland, who thinks the strike will be over by the holidays.

More as it comes … if it comes – it sounds like both sides are being rather close-mouthed.

2 thoughts on “Negotiations to resume November 26 – yay!”

  1. Damn. I should have posted that pool!

    Yeah, I’m the first week of December it’ll be over, for multiple reasons.

    Mainly, after that the networks will be begin losing money. Secondly, both sides will look like asses keeping people laid off before the holidays. Third, the studios need talk shows, et al, to promote holiday releases and award season pics. Fourth, the studios are aware that if they let this stretch on into next year, when even SAG and DGA could strike together forcing the suits to cave into major demands from all sides. Finally, the WGA’s demands are by and large common sense, and the suits know it… they’re just slow to notice that the WGA knows it as well.

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