WGA strikers to march on Hollywood

An LAPD “Notification of Pending First Amendment Event” lists the following info:

11/20/2007 Writer’s Guild of America
TIME: 9:30 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
ASSEMBLY: Ivar/Hollywood Blvd.
ROUTE: Westbound Hollywood Bl to Orange Drive.

The WGA’s Strike information page notes that next Tuesday will be a “Solidarity March for Writers.”

I fully support the Guild, but a solidarity march? But isn’t this just a teensy bit ridiculous? (of course, I’ll be there anyway)

4 thoughts on “WGA strikers to march on Hollywood”

  1. Dude, check out the YouTube videos with all of the protest songs on the line. I too totally support the writers, 100%, but strumming a guitar singing “which side are you on” does seem a little over the top. But hey, rock on you writers. If singing “Solidarity Forever” helps, you go. Sing it.

  2. The writers clearly don’t want this thing to drag on any longer than it has to, and they’re pulling out all the stops. The idea of a strike is – or at least should be – to come to a resolution between the two sides as quickly as possible.

    Are the studios still sitting on their hands? Because that can’t help much.

  3. I support the strike, I even support picketing in front of their employer. It’s some nice exercise but you pretty much piss of those whose communte you interfere with. It’s gotten to the point there have been so many parades no one pays attention anymore.

    Jason I usually have to agree with the though process behind your ideas, but a strike is a squirting match forcing the employer to realize what they are losing. I don’t think its ever been a way to get it settled faster. That was the talks and use of a negotiator to get disputes resolved faster. Strikes are the last resort to force the employer to cave by limiting their income.

  4. I just want it to be over. I want rainbows and world peace. I want an endless supply of ice cream and a stunning physique. I want baseball players to wear stirrups and politics to be illegal. I want them to give the dog back.

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