Marcel DeJure’s Cinnamon Roll Gang Fashion Premiere

marcel.JPGI first heard of Marcel from many other people: “Did you know he made a film featuring Nora Keyes (of the Centimeters)?” “Did you know he makes these amazing puppets?” “Did you know WACO scored his first stop-motion film?” “Did you he’s a total genius?” “Did you know he used to be an underground comic illustrator?” So when I finally met him a few years ago, he began as something of a myth to me. Now that I know him, have talked about life & art with him, and can call him a friend, I still have to agree–the man’s a genius.

mamacitas%20flyer.jpgAnd now his fashion line–which could be termed “wearable cartoons,” they’re so bright and lurid and fuzzy and fluffy and full of trailing bits and bobs and technicolor fluffernutter fabulosity–will be strutting the catwalk down at Mamacita’s Market this Friday evening–a traveling DIY craft show that, this month, also features several other fashion lines in addition to DeJure’s. Come on down, be part of the LA art underground, buy some locally-made gifts for your friends (and yourself) and see these local artists’ amazing clothing. (And this blogger will be making an appearance as well…never having strutted my stuff on a catwalk, I fully expect to disembark from it quite ungracefully and fall on my stack-heeled ass. But I’m so flattered Marcel asked me.)

A story about this red-diaper baby who grew up in Echo Park and who seems to know almost everyone who’s cool & creative in LA is here. Read on after the jump for an excerpt and a flyer listing all the designers.

“Now, with a web store ( and an upcoming solo show that will include prints and various other mixed media (Excuse My French at Xin, May 13), his tiny apartment is overflowing with Ugly Dolls, some over 11-feet high. One has huge white go-go boots, a grossly protracted scarlet torso, pierced abdomen, raisiny black boobs and six arms. Another wears a beige faux-fur tube top, with ginormous, winsomely skewed pink vinyl lips. Pinheads, lobster claws, trapezoidal eyes and fragments of men’s neckties also adorn a line of purses and diaper bags. “I was experimenting with earth tones for that show, but I gravitate back to color all the time. At some point I just get all silly, and it’s three in the morning.” Then out comes the blue sharkskin.” -Marjorie Kaye in the LA Alternative Press