Get a chuckle and help the WGA strike fund

WGASupportShow.jpg One of the fun parts about writing here is the people you get to meet. In this case commenter Roky Manson and I got to chatting after he made a couple of funny comments on a post I did recently. In the course of the chatting we got to the topic of the WGA strike and how he liked what we were doing to support the WGA. To that end he had a project that fit and deserves some publicity and asked for some help.

His idea is simple and asked I help support. “This coming Tuesday, Nov. 20th, we are hosting The Writers Guild Of America Strike Support Show. All proceeds from the door will go to the WGA Writers Support Fund”. Consider yourself supported. Details after the jump.

Three’s Comedy at The Three Clubs Cocktail Lounge
1123 N. Vine Street in Hollywood – every Tuesday 9pm
(323) 462-6441

Pic provide by Crhis Carey of Three’s Comedy and Roky Manson. It does get a little bigger if you click it just right.

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  1. Thanks rumors daily, but in the end you have to trust someone. If you find something contrary get it up and I will share.

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