Firefox saves me from the Phishers, I looked at Angelyne’s MySpace profile . And added her as a friend.

And then looking at her friends, I was suckered in by “Jenny Two Face’s” message: “i found kanye west moms profile,” and clicked the given link. I’m morbid like that.

Although I was already logged in, I ALMOST fell for the request to log in again. Me, a dude who thinks most people who get suckered by online scams must be a little dim (at least to the ways of the internets).

Alas, I would have been duped, if it weren’t for the warning message that appeared, courtesy the genius coders at Firefox. Too bad I can’t say the same for Jenny Two Face.

The lesson? Be extra careful clicking on links you find on MySpace, even if from a friend.

If anyone is wondering how Alicia Keys and other professional MySpace pages could have been hacked, this may lead to an answer.

7 thoughts on “Firefox saves me from the Phishers”

  1. Firefox rocks. It became my default browser about a year ago and I haven’t looked back. I only use IE when I absolutely must.

  2. I’ve used Firefox exclusively for years, but I’ve never seen that “Suspected Web Forgery” warning. Have I just been lucky, or is that part of a plug-in that I don’t have yet? Is it built in to Firefox, or is it an add-on?

  3. it’s not an add-on, it’s in the tools>options>security. the “tell me if a site is a suspected forgery” should be checked by default.

  4. DB, you might want to check out the extension “IE tab”. It lets you run a virtual IE from within firefox when you hit those “musts”.

  5. That’s so funny because after the Angelyne posting yesterday I followed the same path… to Angelyne’s myspace, then to “Kanye West’s mom’s profile” which really i just clicked onto because I thought “big deal?… well what IS the big deal?” and I got the same warning.
    LLLLove firefox. LLLLove it.

  6. It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s a shame it can’t do much. I can think of half a dozen fantastic ways to exploit plenty of sites and users too :\

    I’d say be careful everywhere, with every link…with every email…never remember passwords and change them regularly, clear private data in firefox (and many other browsers) after you finish your session. Et cetera.

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