Encounter at LAX

I’ve always loved the weird Jetson’s vibe at Encounter, the restaurant that sits in the middle of LAX. Last year, a friend came in form Columbia and had only a couple of hours lay-over, so all his friends gathered there to eat, drink and be merry. It was great fun, so I was sad when the place closed earlier this year cuz chunks of plaster were falling from the arches.

Well, it’s open again, for lunch every day and dinner on Friday and Saturday’s. Fun place to catch a drink or dinner when time is short at the airport. And the staff uniforms rock, very space agey.

5 thoughts on “Encounter at LAX”

  1. Nothing against the restaurants current food sanitation and handling practices, but the one and only time I ate at whatever it was called before it was called “Encounter” I was a preteen and got the worst case of food poisoning ever, that manifested shortly after my flight landed in Fresno making it triply bad. I’ve been back to Fresno once, the restaurant never.

  2. My wife and I ate there once on Thanksgiving eve. We hoofed it from the United Terminal. It’s definitely a pain to get to.

    Interesting trivia: The look of the Jetsons was actually inspired by the Theme Building, not the other way around as many people assume.

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve been there but they did have their own lot – including valet – when I was there last.

    The prices are high but the place is visually great. And yes the bathrooms are worth seeing too.

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