The winnies are coming! the winnies are coming!

Winneis_Regular_Banner_2.pngThe Inaugural Winnies Awards are taking place in Los Angeles at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd) on Nov 30, and the winner is you! No really, you won. For real. To get in you need to register, and show up with a trophy, which will probably be given out to someone else later in the night, and at some point you’ll get one for something as well. Probably. Unless you really suck. Just kidding. Maybe. Lots more info here so go check it out, sign up, and claim the prize you rightfully earned.

3 thoughts on “The winnies are coming! the winnies are coming!”

  1. While I would agree that racists are not winners, I must admit my confusion. Who’s the racist in this scenario?

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