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Opportunity Green 2007 at UCLA is an unprecedented gathering of the prime movers and shakers in the world of green business.” By “Green” they aren’t talking about the color or a stack of dillas, they are talking about “Green 2.0; Opportunities for Green Investment Capital, Green Consumer Trends, Business Blogging, The Green Tech/Clean Tech Revolution and more.” Hows that for a while stack of info? My good friend Jose Caballer of The Groop is speaking about Green Branding which should be interesting as all get out. This all goes down on Saturday, Nov 17th at UCLA. Lots more info about the conference is here and you can register using this link if you want to check it out. As a bonus if you enter the promo code “Metblogs” you’ll get 50% off the posted registration fee (which ranges from $250 for the full conference and parties and all that to $75 for students). If are are at all into the current hot topics of sustainability and all things green, this is going to be well worth your time to check out.

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  1. The only real “green opportunity” I ever see from any of these endless conventions/conferences is for the organizers: the chance to line their (organically grown cotton) pockets with between $75 and $250 a pop from attendees eager to secure and polish their Good Guy Badges.

    Be sure to drive there!

  2. Ruth,

    I hear your frustration, and would like to offer my thoughts to the discussion. Our business is not designed to rob people of their money in “yet another conference”. Rather, we’re entrepreneurs whose business model is to both create profits AND create further dialogue amongst business leaders to enact sustainable practices within their companies.

    From the feedback we’ve received, it’s our impression that the event brought together the LA business community around the topic of sustainable business in a meaningful way. Ultimately, through shifting our system of accounting in business to include the value of natural resources, Opportunity Green intends to be a part of the solution in developing a stronger economy and give you the freedom to go to any conference you choose.

    If you’d like to discuss this further please contact me.

    Mike Flynn
    Co-Founder, Opportunity Green
    [email protected]

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