ICME: New parking lot graphics

It caught my eye, cute parking lot graphics at the Fresh & Easy in Arcadia. It took me a second as one of the stick figures didn’t have all the classic indicators like hour glass shape or boobies even to identify it as female. It’s a family with a kid in a stroller.

Next too it was the equally cheeky “hybrid parking only”. I can’t wait for those beastly Hybrid Chevy Trucks and Tahoe’s start using those spaces when they hit the market soon. (Yes, they are going hybrid and instead of 14 mpg they will get 16…big friggen whoop in saving the nations air and fuel supply that will be).

Pic by me with my new cell phone cam…the other bit the dust when it went flying some 200 feet off of Extreme Scream at Snots Boogey Farm yesterday afternoon.

7 thoughts on “ICME: New parking lot graphics”

  1. I was amused by this when I saw them at the fresh & easy in glassel park. I also wasn’t very shocked to find non-hybrids in the hybrid spots.

  2. I will cease being offended by things like this when they install a “single gal in need of some chips, chocolate ice cream, tampons and midol so get the hell out of the way and while we’re at it why don’t we reward her for not being a breeder?” graphic.

    I wonder what that would look like?

  3. If you have a kid in a stroller, save everybody else the hassle and park in the back where your skanky cooch and ugly baby aren’t clogging and congesting the traffic closer to the entrance of the store. A stroller has wheels. That is a convenience already! Take it to the back of the lot. This is Los Angeles! People in this town don’t have time to wait for you. The walk will do you good. It will give you a chance to work the cellulite off your baby-fat ridden ass you constantly complain about!

  4. Anaheim’s Fresh&Easy has it too, but we opted not to park there. Stroller parking doesn’t need to be close, maybe just a little more room on the side. I think, though, it’s “Family” parking, so close can be nice.

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