Hey strikers… ready for week two?

Perhaps in an effort to maintain enthusiasm and/or conserve resources, the WGA has eliminated four studios from its list of picket lines,* but has added a few events to encourage participation in the remaining ten, mainly a Bring-Your-Kids-To-The-Picket-Line event tomorrow, convenient since its a non-school day for most (Veterans Day). And Tuesday may be Bring-A-Star-To-Picket-With-You at Universal Studios starting at noon. (via Nikki Finke)

On the flip side, the hours for picketing have been moved up, beginning at 6am at all but NBC Burbank, which begins at 9am. While tactically smart – early picket lines may keep Teamsters from rolling in – I’m not sure how many picketers are willing to brave that wee start time. Especially during a three day weekend.

Outside of the studios, however, Wired reminds everyone of Dave Bullock’s excellent Downtown Filming Map which lists a number of network shows and studio films being shot around city’s core, which the magazine dubs the “Picketers’ Pal.” WGA strikers can easily find upcoming locations for “Numbers,” “CSI,” or other shoots where they can shame anyone non-deterred by the picket line.

*Culver Studios, Hollywood Center, Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios, and, surprisingly, Sunset Gower.
photo by myyearofnewthings, used under Creative Commons.