Grace Simons Lodge: Wedding Venue & Crime Locus?

Recently, the fiance and I had a small change in plans for our wedding. Instead of getting married in Victoria, BC, we’re now getting married in L.A. And instead of a July wedding, it’s now March. It may be time to panic.

Fortunately, I remembered something that Mack told me at the last BarCamp before this one, about a little building in Elysian Park that he had been to a wedding at recently. So after some fairly simple Googling (“elysian park” +wedding) we found Grace Simons Lodge, an adorable little building in a quiet corner of Elysian Park, complete with gardens and pavilions and all chairs and tables included. Score. We went down there on a Saturday and took some pictures (link goes to Flickr photoset) and, for the price, it seems eminently serviceable.

So, here’s the question: what is the crime like in Elysian Park? My hopelessly out of date relatives insist it isn’t safe that close to downtown; I say they’re ridiculously outdated. The LAPD Crimemap didn’t have anything deterring in the last few days in or around the park. We could only turn up one shooting in the park-adjacent neighborhood for 2007. Am I right in insisting that my family are being completely ridiculous in insisting that I hold my wedding on the nice, safe (and much more expensive and boring) Westside?

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  1. It’s safe.

    Just don’t stay there overnight. Even then, don’t go wandering, walking around by yourself.

    Grace Simons Lodge is ‘around the corner’ from Dodger Stadium.

    Do you go to Dodger games? Same area.

    Grace Simons Lodge is a Beautiful venue.

    plenty of free parking,

    only problem, is no ‘quality’ hotel rooms close by. Closest is in downtown, or Glendale.

  2. A pair of operatives of the Militant got married there in 2004, it was a pretty and quaint place while not being extraneously lavish. Go ahead and book it. You are correct in your assessment of the area, it’s not as nearly crime-ridden as suburbanites make it out to be.

    Their assessments also bring to light one of the real causes of crime and urban decay: FEAR. Or worse, not actual fear for the perception of fear. It is that fear that drives regular, law-abiding folks out of neighborhoods, parks and other public spaces that they have been perfectly been entitled to use, bur because of those fears, they have, in effect given places away to crime and those who commit them. And that is part of the problem. Who owns the streets? The community or the criminals? So those that propagate fear are actually just as much part of the problem as criminals themselves!

    Have a wonderful wedding at Grace Simons Lodge. You will undoubtedly open some minds that day.

  3. We live in Elysian Park, and it is safe. I agree, don’t walk in the remote areas (far from Grace E Simon’s Lodge) by yourself. It’s right by the Police Academy, and the chances are good that the random jogger is a policeman/woman.

    It’s very pretty. Distribute a good map, though, because we often meet people driving down our street (Boylston) looking for the Lodge. It’s easy to miss the side road leading to the Lodge.

  4. We got married at the Police Academy 6 years ago and while there are no hotels in the immediate area, we did suggest some westside hotels close to where we lived as there were other events to attend on that side of town. As Elysian park is close to major freeways, no matter where people stay, it will be easy to get to.

    You’ll have a great time! Hey, we only had 3 months to plan and friends still tell us what a great time they had. In the end, don’t forget, it’s not about the location or the dress or the cake or the flowers, its about celebrating your marriage and new lives together.

  5. You’ll be happy with “The Lodge”. Been there for a wedding and it was quite nice.

    Trust El Chavo, it’s safe.

  6. Looks like a great place. I think I’ll have to swing by and check it out some time.

    I don’t know your budget, but here’s another place just down the street from there that is can be used for events:

    If you want an interesting place with a water feature on the Westside check out this place. It’s a beautiful oasis tucked away off Sunset. I’m pretty sure you can rent it out for events:

  7. Yes, your family are being completely ridiculous on the crime in the area.

    If it helps, the Northeast Division only reported 114 violent crimes from September to October. Elysian Park is only a small part of that.

    Compare that to 77th Street at 239. Then point out that they’ll be near the police academy.

  8. When my husband and I got married, we gave my friends a day’s notice. It wasn’t your typical wedding, but it got the job done.

    You have plenty of time. Also, you should plan your wedding the way you want it. Don’t worry about what anyone else wants.

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