This is Los Angeles, 2007

2:30 pm Monday. The corner of West Slauson and South Western. Over 200 people watch as a brawl between 30 women ends as one drives her convertible into the melee. Two women were injured. One, Shontae Blanche, a 22 year old pregnant woman, is killed.

One witness, who asked not to be identified, said the driver hit the pregnant woman with her car, dragged her nearly 10 feet until she fell off, then backed up and ran over her again.

Who created this society? Who raised these women? And why is this barely being discussed? (I’ve only found one other local blog, besides Homicide Report and the Daily News’ “Its A Crime”, mentioning it)

More at the Homicide Report and the L.A. Times.

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  1. The reason why this isn’t mentioned in any of the LA blogs is because this doesn’t have anything to do with buying something and is not related to a festival of any kind.

    The above and many others are reasons that the print media is still important.

    Though you have brought this up which is a little shining light of hope that the electronic media can some day grow up and actually be something other than a very flashy press release and a cheap way to do market research.


  2. Let me toss my shiny bits at the topic no one touched yet, “who raised these women?”. We did, or specifically what they were exposed to without guidance from their parents actively stepping in and explaining right from wrong.

    Parents who didn’t tell them that there is a difference between being assertive and aggressive.

    Parents that let them watch TV, especially the stuff on MTV like “my super sweet 16” and some other shows not realizing it makes being dramatic, belligerent and abusive to others “OK” to get your way as reality. (I went through that already, MTV and similar channels and programming are blocked in my house).

    It’s all about parents not doing their job. Its about too many setting children up to base their lives on entitlement and resorting to whatever means needed to get their way.

    Our desire, or at least mine, to make sure our daughters can achieve whatever they want in life by working for it. Somewhere along the line too many have also instilled the entitlement attitude and encouraged them to be aggressive about it. Left unchecked many crossed the line from being strong individuals to being just plain bitches.

    It’s the parents allowing it and the media cashing in on it and making it look glamorous to make a buck. There is more money in a bitch than cinderella, media executives know this and acts accordingly.

    Yes, the media reflects what is going on. Once they figured out that and turned it into high drama for a buck, they perpetuated it as “reality”. They aren’t the blame, it is the parents who don’t give their kid any guidance and then let’s them loose wondering what happened when they really screw up.

  3. I presumed that this was gang action from the start (how else are 30 people going to get into an organized fight in a parking lot).

    Part of me wonders if this story would have any traction or coverage if 30 men got into a fight and someone got killed.

  4. In a somewhat related matter, is waterboarding torture? The fact that we’re still dancing around semantics on that shows how backward we are.

  5. All ethnic groups have their bad apples, but based on numerous cases of black violence I’ve read about over the years (ie. Latasha Harlins, the NBA and boxing match audience brawls, Bixby Knolls, teacher beatings, The Jenna 6 to name a very few) there seems to be a disturbing element in some parts of black culture where it’s acceptable to go up to complete strangers, including adults, elderly and authority figures and beat the crap out of them. At some point early on in their lives, too many kids learned to use their fists much too well, and it appears to have become a horribly ingrained way of life. This monstrous behavior almost always leads to tragic results.
    I wonder what I’d be like today if my parents and role models had sent me off every morning with; “Have a nice day, and remember to beat the ass of anyone who doesn’t agree with you.”

  6. When you are disenfranchised, powerless and lack monetary resources, you have to depend on your own physical body as your source of power and the ability it has to intimidate others with the threat of violence. What else do you have?

  7. you have morals Cholo. And the ability to have empathy towards mankind, will give you self worth!!!

  8. My station has been reporting this story since Monday. I think the latest story is here.

    Honestly, I think the reason why this wasn’t discussed is because of LA blogosphere’s preoccupation with the guild strike. Nothing more, nothing less.

  9. When you make a choice to not put out the extra effort to better yourself by rising above the bad conditions that surround you, then you alone are disenfranchising yourself from those who will make the right choices. At that point it becomes so easy to become bitter, angry, even violent, and of course, blame “The Man” for keeping you down. I grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in L.A. and I can tell you first hand, being poor is no excuse for being a violent f-up.

  10. Mr. Satan,
    Perhaps there are people that don’t know how to make the “extra effort” or even realize they have “choices” in life. This is what I’m saying, some folks haven’t the tools, resources or know how as to how to empower themselves in healthy ways. You may be poor but if you can kick some rich person’s ass, you might be able to squeeze some pride out of that fact.
    Besides isn’t violence the way “civil” society chooses to solve problems? After 9-11, the first people I spoke to who thought we should bomb Afghanistan were cholos and gangstas. What makes them different than our government and all the other folks who supported the war against Afghanistan and Iraq?

  11. “Browne: Market research? Flashy press release? Are you just talking out of your ass or can you back up any of these lame accusations?” David Markland

    Ok, sorry I hurt your feelings.


  12. Darleene: Thanks for the heads up. But what shocks me is that I’ve had CNN on for the past few days, and when driving around usually have had on the news, and I also click on LA Times, Drudge, and HuffPo pretty regularly, and only yesterday heard about this story. Its just odd. It may be getting some press, but its not the lead story in many spots that are instead discussing the strikes, Heather Mills, and Dogg the Bounty Hunter. And it also surprised me that it missed the eyes of the LA blogosphere, which now seems to be catching up as well.

  13. Not to nitpick but it’s not “parents” but “parent”. 60-70% of blacks are raised in a fatherless household. So, for the majority, it should read “A parent actively stepping in” or “A Parent that let them watch TV” or “A parent not doing their job”.

  14. So many proudly ignornant people. That’s great. We’re going to do a commentary on black America using the above freakish incident and no one has a problem with that…

    Ok I’m going to play what the reason this horrible thing happened—-

    Yeah black America has nothing to do with the rest of America. The problem totally is black people should have more weddings. The whole there are no jobs out there to actually support yourself has probably nothing to do with anything.

    I think those blacks need more God too. I think the blacks should pray more, listen to God, be more like people who are on TV, hell they should be more like people and then maybe we can get somewhere with those barbarians.

    But weddings that’s the key right there. If we could just get those coloreds dating and having big weddings and being completely ok with racism and things, well this country would be perfect, of course they are only 10% of the population of the US, but black people are the cause of everything bad in the US.

    This is all common knowledge right…

    Browne crazy black person who has killing in her heart (I’m Nigerian and Honduran does that make me extra crazy junior psychologists or less crazy or just more likely to send you chain emails asking for money…)

  15. Perhaps “th[o]se women,” David, took their cues from Lizzie Grubman–the Manhattan publicist who is not anything as you implied with respect to “[that] society,”–who in Summer of 2001 deliberately ran into a bunch of partygoers in the Hamptons.
    One can only infer that your Los Angeles ass has not the balls nor backbone to just come out and state something such as “you people,” “savages” or “nigger.”
    This shit happens constantly the world over. Get out of your californi-centric little milieu and understand that the world is full of people getting hurt and that pain is not relegated only to what you consider the unwashed masses.

  16. so-called satan:

    Lemme tell ya something, boy. Your little rag, which is a seventh-rate attempt to emulate Answer me!, Angry Thoreauan (my olde rag), or even Crank, is pathetic, especially in light of your obviously ignorant remarks.

    You comment how you were not brought up to go out and fight. I suppose that since you live in a world where you think the police are gonna protect not only your freedom of speech to state, “Now Fuck Off,” without having someone bust up your dumb ass you will have quite the countenance when I do so should you mouth off. Are you aware of your asinine hypocrisy? How about the rudimentary problem of escalation? Or is it that the flip-flop-wearing fuckwads of southern CA receive “Now Fuck Off” as an invitation to go to yoga class rather than quickly end an imminent fight?

    Perhaps what you need are three things:

    1) Get the fuck out of Silver Lake;

    2) Get your dumb ass kicked into reality;

    3) Stop acting like you have an angry fanzine that reminds folk of what the late 1980s/early 1990s long ago burned up.

    No, let me retract that first one: stay in Silver Lake, you schmo.

  17. Bustard: WTF? You’re now accusing me of being racist? And then say I lack balls while you write under a pseudonym?
    Seriously, I think you and Browne are doing a disservice to your reputations by resorting to completely unprovoked personal attacks.
    Feel free to attack the issues, and heck, feel free to challenge me and the site, but unfounded allegations make both of you look like nothing less than trolls.

  18. What personal attack did I make against you David?

    My first comments in regards to the press releasiness of blogs was a general comment on all blogs, not this one in particular. It’s not my problem you took it all personally as if I was talking about this blog, I wasn’t but you totally jumped all over me.

    My second comment was in regards to the asinine assertion by some of this thread that “blacks” are deviants because of this one incident and then a series of comments by junior psychologists pretty much agreeing with that assertion.

    Me having a problem with that offends you? I’m a troll now owing to that? You agree with Mr Satan? Me and Bustard are trolls to you and Mr Satan is completely cool here? Of all the comments on this thread OUR comments are the most offensive.

    Oh wow man, that’s pretty insane. I’m offensive on this thread, are you so serious?


  19. Bustard called me out by name and said, “One can only infer that your Los Angeles ass has not the balls nor backbone to just come out and state something such as ‘you people,’ ‘savages’ or ‘nigger.'”

    Apologies if I took your first comment as directly related to this blog – but “Bustard’s” comment above is definitely nothing less than suggesting I’m a racist. Maybe indeliberate, but as it stands thats what “he or she” is doing.

  20. Oh, dear, David-

    Did I upset you? What a shame.

    Perhaps you should consider your words before you make such statements as you did. Whether your insincerity or ignorance, I nevertheless have ample cause to gnash my teeth. Moreover, as I have told folk for years–and which I have never not known, as I have gone literally face to face both on the street as well as behind closed doors with all manner of secret as well as not-so-secret police agencies–be prepared to stand for what you state. I have and continue to do so, and not just in this country.

    And that brings me to the last point, which is in two parts:

    1) What I infer is exactly that. I can infer any goddamned thing I want.

    2) Stick to the argument. The reason I interpreted your words is the proximity to the phrase, “you people.” That is far from unfounded; try that phrase somewhere outside your white enclave, say, at the south end of the 210 line, or somewhere off Dexter Avenue in Montgomery, AL. You will come away with far worse than the words I have thrown at you. Why did you state what you did as if it were a unique event, in the way that you stated it? Yer goddamned right I am “suggesting” you are a racist; tell me why I should not, if you can take the time to not call me a troll as well as state why you are making such insults your answer.

    Now, try and stick to the argument. But since I see that you may well cannot do that: take a half-second to research a comment or two I have made. You will find out that while I make these comments under a handle, it is not because I am hiding. Even an idiot could easily research the few things I have stated in this thread alone, and see who I am (for the most part).

    I did a damn good job of toppling your obviously shoddy vehicle just by bumping up against it; let’s see what figurative backbone you have in uprighting the apple-cart, sonny, other than yelling juvenile insults at passersby who do no more than observe the bleeding obvious.

    Back to my original intent: Lizzie Grubman did the same thing to people whose names are not known, one night in the Hamptons (for you flip-flop-wearing fucks, it is an exclusive area that is far beyond the reach of even many Bel Aire residents, located near the eastern tip of Long Island, New York) as what happened on West Slauson and South Western. That no-one died was certainly not the design of the aforementioned very famous Spin-ster. All the same, an argument turned into a fight, a fight turned into a drunken driver, and a drunken driver intentionally turned into a crowd while behind the wheel.
    THAT was New York, Summer of 2001, before I moved back there.


  21. I hate to interrupt the personal attacks and mudslinging, but I’m stopped in my tracks by Fraz – are you actually suggesting that PARENTS (one or two or twelve) actually RAISE their own children? Take Responsibility for them? BE PRESENT and regulate them?

    That’s madness.

  22. My theory on kids is they are complete by the time they are 5. The best you can hope for is to guide them to modify behaviors after that. Sadly few kids get the attention they need leading up to kindergarten and that’s why we have so many messes out there just acting out, violently.

    Yes, it comes down to the parents teaching and holding accountable. It’s our job once we decide to toss out the birth control and start breeding in earnst.

  23. Sometimes bitches just need to throw down. It’s sad pregnancy was in the mix, but there’s no need to get into the whole “What’s wrong with the world” trip. The assumption here is that parents aren’t teaching their kids to be “better”.

    Not everyone was raised by Hippie’s or Wasp’s. I’m sure most of the women who were in the fight went home and told this great story to everybody when they got home.

  24. Bustard, a completely unrelated, and less violent, event that happened in 2001 does not make irrelevant or ignorant Markland’s post, and it certainly does not make him racist.

    “Try and stick to the argument” yourself.

  25. David, sorry to say, but the fact that you think it’s “odd” that this incident isn’t all over the news and blogs shows your naivete. It isn’t being covered b/c hardly anyone cares about a bunch of black girls beating each others asses on Slauson and Western. Sad but true, it boils down to race and for you to be so shocked at it, just further proves the point.

    This is not a slam against you personally, but it is a “welcome to the real world” statement.

  26. Actually I think Markland’s upset at this not being covered more is a sign of his NOT being racist. As you say, “It isn’t being covered b/c hardly anyone cares about a bunch of black girls beating each others asses on Slauson and Western.” Well, Markland appears to care.

    You don’t see him saying “Well, that’s just what ‘those people’ do. That’s not news.”

  27. Why isn’t this being discussed?

    Because Los Angeles is a hedonistic place. We don’t like to admit that hatred, bigotry, stupidity and violence exist in the midst of an area beholden to plastic surgery, “getting a good deal” (whatever that means) and generally trying to reinvent oneself.

    Los Angeles is an overwhelmingly middle class town, gussied up to think Paris Hilton is da bomb, the denizens don’t like stories about women fighting because, well, it’s ugly. And LA doesn’t do ugly, can’t comprehend it in either the physical sense or in the moral sense.

    The only place they want women fighting on the streets is in a really bad screenplay rife with stereotypes or on reality TV, which is one.

    Let’s put it this way. Had that been Paris Hilton fighting with Ellen Degeneres, TMZ would’ve been there.

  28. If you think the Lizzie Grubman incident is less violent then this incident, I suggest you do a little googling and ask some of the people who got ran over.

    It was the exact same thing. People got mad, there was a fight, someone got in a car and ran over people, how is it different?

    BUT say it was different.

    I’m a big believer in people taking responsiblity for their own actions, but when people are obviously being prejudice.

    Obviously painting people with a general brush, hey it’s pretty sad I’m the only person that is saying anything about certain comments. That’s pretty freakin pathetic.

    Is it ok to generalize a whole ethnicity of people?

    I notice everyone is looking at BusTard’s statements and avoiding my question.

    Is it ok to stereotype if everyone knows it is true wink, wink?

    I know race is scary, but get over it. It’s not going away. And I didn’t go there with the race first several posters before me did, so if you got a problem with that statement, remember to jump on their asses too.


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