First Look: Silver Lake Mural

Thanks to a heads-up I got yesterday from reader Coffee Burt telling me to get my ass over to a new work replacing the old grafitti-marred mural across from the Casbah Cafe at Hyperion and Sunset in Silver Lake, I did just that: got my ass up and out and over there early this morning to snap some pix of the scaffolded work in progress, and to be totally surprised and honored that among the notable characters and residents featured, it’s a photo my wife took of dearly departed neighborhood fixture “El Circo Loco” (and that I hastily photoshopped into a flyer for the April 2006 memorial after he passed) that was being incorporated into the piece.

For a closer look check out my Flickr photoset here and after the jump is artist Annie Sperling’s statement.
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5 thoughts on “First Look: Silver Lake Mural”

  1. I hope we can keep the jack-ass graffiti vandals away (why can’t we just shot them? Not kill them, just hurt them). We watched helplessly as they distorted the last mural (we live on Hyperion). The cops showed up some 10 to 12 hours after we called to report vandals in the act (being that is is in the Rampart district and Rampart includes MacArther Park were crimes involve shooting small children, we understand the cops have more pressing priorities).
    The Artist, Annie Sperling, invite local kids to participate in the painting of the new mural so hopefully this may help cut down on new graffiti from locals (but there are the out-of-town jack-ass who will come and leave their mark)

  2. I feel your pain Dorit. Here in Highland Park, we may not have that beautiful mural to look at every day, but we do have Chicken Boy! And I’m bracing myself for the day I look up and see him tagged. Three weeks and he’s still clean, which says a lot for Highland Park.

  3. do you know if this is linked to the paintings being done on the telephone boxes in silver lake. I’ve seen them on glendale and they’ve been working on the one at silver lake and effie the past few days

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