Bizarro Canoga Park

I really don’t know what to say about this.


Click to embiggen and behold the wonder.

Snapped a few days ago on the occasion of passing the Canoga Park Historical Society at approx. 6:23pm, doing a spit-take, flipping a bitch and going back to stand in the middle of the deserted street & take this photo for posterity.

5 thoughts on “Bizarro Canoga Park”

  1. That’s the coolest former LA fire station ever.

    Wonderful scale. Evocative lines.

    (And, BTW, a super…SUPER former LA library is at stage left…fantastic, modern feel..thank goodness it wasn’t bulldozed like Woodland Hills’ sister site was)…

    …this little Owensmouth Ave. slice-of-life is a great bridge between LA’s 30s and LA’s 60s. And it SURVIVED!!!

    (Never mind the flag-flying oversight…ain’t that time-change thing a bitch!?!)

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