Think it’s the Same Dog? I couldn’t help but notice these two signs posted one atop the other in my neighborhood. It just seems too coincidental, and I found myself imagining how they got there. I’m not in the union, so here you go:


A woman, driven crazy by grief, approaches a lamppost with a stack of fliers and a roll of tape in hand. She begins to post one of the pages, sobbing as she works.

A man, holding a similar stack of pages, approaches the same lamppost.


Hi There.


I, I–I LOST MY DOG, Wahhhh.


Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.

He begins to post one of his own fliers above the one the woman posted.


I found one. Anyway, hope you find your dog. Good luck.

The two go their separate ways, stopping at trees and lampposts until…


7 thoughts on “Think it’s the Same Dog?”

  1. My skepto-shields were up too, but I couldn’t resist: I called the lost dog’s number to see if they knew about the found dog poster. The young lady that answered said Calli was now back safe at home but she wasn’t aware of the found poster.

  2. Ha….I almost did the same as Will. Curiosity always gets the better of me. How odd is it that you get the same type posted one lost the other found like that? Or was it a cruel hoax?

  3. Man, we found a small mangie looking dog wandering in my friends backyard with a tag but no address or number. So we immediately posted signs with the phone number up all around the neighborhood. Five days later, the woman in the house across the street knocks on the door and asked if he happen to have seen a lost dog.

    He returned the dog nice and clean (who wouldn’t even eat regular food) and thought…maybe you should walk around the block more often and read some signs.

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