The $20 Project : Family Time Bits

tjochickensm.jpg What a concept. $20 US and show what you can do with it. I envisioned all sorts of grandiose or wild things I could do with it. LA is the place you can let your hair down and run wild. I even enlisted friends for ideas. In the end it came down to what is important to me. Family.

Yup, in the end I’m just a middle-class guy one check or art piece from being in a box under the freeway. I work to make every day count. With my family first, my community as time permits. It likely won’t mean much to anyone beyond me what you are about to read.

My middle child, Mike, forever vacillates on what he want’s for his birthday. Family tradition is we go out for a nice meal somewhere to celebrate. If we can’t dine out on the big day we do something at home, cooked to their specs. (Make up night out as soon as schedules permit).

His choice was specific Trader Joe’s Mandarin Chicken. Easy enough order to fill. Two bags at 4.99 each and a bag of green onions brings me to $11.17 spent. (Of course I had the lemon grass, ginger and rice in the pantry to round out the meal so those don’t count towards the total).

How the rest of the $20 was spent after the jump

birthdaycookie.jpg His other choice was a giant “Cookie Cake” from Albertson’s . Another easy one, adding $6.99 to the kitty. Bonus is we got 2 nights dessert out of it. That brings my total spent now up to $18.16.

The next dip into the rapidly dwindling 20 bones was for a Sunday LA Times. That buck-and-a-half brought the running total to $19.68. We each pulled out our favorite bits, cut some coupons and stuffed in the recycle bin in time for Monday’s pick up.

11%204%2007004.jpg. The final purchase I wrote about HERE was a little treat for my youngest after his basketball practice at 9AM. (Yes…before 9-oh-my-friggen-gawd AM on a Sunday morning I was up and out the door with him). No donuts, but did get him 5 donut holes for 47 cents.

All told I spent $20.15. If I had skimped and shorted Joey out of a couple of holes I would have brought it under the $20 goal. Not much sense in gypping the kid out of 2 holes to meet that goal.

Read more about the series in Markland’s original “The $20 Project” which was posted Sunday evening.

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