Piñata of Death


I spotted this excellent piñata today, a gigantic black star-shaped skull with nice two-toned streamers. It’s a left over from Halloween but the store owner thinks maybe someone will want it for X-mas. At $40 that’s gonna be a tough sell. It might be hard to see how large it is in this pic (compare it to the other ones) but you can probably fit some left over jack-o-lanterns, candies, and maybe a cake or two within; it’s huge! You might need another set of hands to help you swing this around but I could already imagine the fun in clobbering blindfolded piñata bashers with this fully loaded death star. Atras, atras…sopa!

Click here for a larger picture.

You want it? Go get it at:
El Angel (!!!) 2601 Pasadena Ave. B2 in beautiful Lincoln Heights. 323.441.2177

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