Dr Berry, Dr Berry…It WORKS!

legobot.jpg Round Two of the Wild Rose Elementary5th Graders Gate Robotics Lab was this morning. One by one as the kids got their robots running you heard the shouts of “Dr Berry, Dr Berry…It WORKS!”. I think one of the best things a parent can ever hear is the sheer joy of a kid learning something and having fun doing it.

I wrote about the entire Robotics group a couple of weeks ago HERE. Today’s lesson was a bit of a recap from last session and then on to completing the assembly of their first robot.
The saga of the lego bots continues after the jump.

It was curious to see the girls, many of whom said they never played with lego’s before, being able to keep up with those that had played with them a lot when they were younger. In the end I suspect because it is problem solving like with puzzle pieces they were able to sort and assemble as fast as those more experienced.

Once assembled they had to work with the motors and wiring to get the robots to go in forwards, backwards and in circles. This part of the exercise was all about learning the mechanics and hardware. Once done they were able to take them and move on to the next challenge.

For that they got a quick lesson from Dr. Berry on torque and using gears to multiply rotation for speed or decrease for power. Nice way to sneak in their “math facts” for the day with that one. They all got it. The next series of tasks is building robots for speed and racing, then on to building them for power.

After that they get to start learning how to build robots for specific tasks and then program them to do it. The final programming challenge will to get the robots to run through a maze. That should be really fun. I’d guess Dr. Berry is enjoying watching these kids soak it all up like a sponge.

Once this module is done the kids are all excited about attending some robotics fairs in the spring. One of the highlights is they hope to actually participate in is the competition in Glendale towards the end of spring semester. Finding kids to participate isn’t the problem. Finding parents who understand robotics is a bit of a challenge. The bigger challenge is finding some sponsors for the robotic kits.

Any Engineering firms or businesses care to help them out with that? IF so contact Mr. Cady or Ms Elliot who are the 5th grade GATE coordiantors at 626) 471-2500.

Pic by me of my Joey and his pal D’more, it get’s bigger with a quick click and two with your heals for good measure.

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