Best Little Donut Shop in Monrovia

11%204%2007001.jpg We all got our favorite donut (doughnut?) shop in our neighborhoods. For me it is Christy’s Donuts. Once a month that is Sunday brekkie at our house. Today wasn’t the day. All I wanted was to get my youngest a little treat after a grueling basketball practice that had started at 9AM. Best thing for a tired 10 year old is donuts. Wasn’t to be had today as by the time we got there at 11:15 they had a complete sell through. All that was left was 5 “Holes” and a crummy maple bar. We grabbed the holes and split for home.

This place sells out often, usually not that early as it really is the best in town. The details:
408 W Foothill Blvd

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  1. Mr Satan you are funny. I’d worry about your comments if he hadn’t just finished a 2 hour work out, was 5 foot tall and 85 pounds. Carbs followed with a glass of milk are reasonable in moderation, especially with an active kid. Thanks for your concern.

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