This stopped me in my tracks

11%202%2007001.jpg I spotted this gem in the near empty parking lot at 2nd and Foothill in Arcadia this afternoon. Getting closer it has hundreds of signatures wishing peace etc.,. Also attached were a bunch of brochures. Interesting concept, walk across the country to reunite the “Church” but does not give the denomination just vague “Christians” reference. That should be a challenge as the Christian sects only begrudgingly acknowlege that they worship the same god on a good day.

Pic by me with the trusty cheez, bigger and way more arty if you click to embiggen. The scanned flyer, shrunk to fit at the jump.

And here is the flyer. If it left LA proper on 9/14 it sure hasn’t gotten very far in the last 6 weeks.

3 thoughts on “This stopped me in my tracks”

  1. Damn and with wheel he really hasn’t covered any distance. In my day…

  2. Every decade or so, I show up in court for some new fracas between the people who claimed to have hatched me. It is like a reĆ«nactment of Lion in Winter, except that Da is not crazy about Mum’s sons displaying the knife fragments that were thrust into him in the name of love.
    I can only begin to imagine how Jesus would feel to see that which makes his weenie shrivel, for the nails and humiliation, being literally wheel across a continent he did not even knew existed, for the sake of his sheep exhibiting love.
    Nevertheless, I can imagine the pain; judging from the above pictured abomination, I am not the only one.

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